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A trick for writing better software is technology

It seems to be very straightforward to create software without all the theory of the pattern, practice and technique that many folks use. This is because the source text that someone types to do something basic is not the same source text that someone types to do something intricate.

In the case of complicated demands and conditions (high level of robustness, common code base, large teams), solving a given assignment becomes a challenge. The simplest issue can be resolved with a straightforward one, but a complicated issue can usually only be resolved with a tough one. Unfortunately, it is very elusive for someone who has never seen some of these complicated issues to comprehend why some of these technologies are.

Dunning Kruger's effect, called after those who found it, is not limited to software as such. The majority of highly sophisticated areas in many sectors involve many years of experimentation, usually involving several technologies for dealing with particular issues arising from highly sophisticated demands. By its very nature, software is complicated, people have not developed to develop software effectively.

Like Douglas Crockford liked to say: "It's the most complicated thing people do. Software is becoming increasingly complicated and the complexities of the people who work with it grow over the years. When we always use the easy way, even as needs develop and become complicated, we will one day produce coding that is so complicated that it is no longer manageable.

This is where the "simple" approach becomes the "naive" approach, which is the same as the "false" one. With an interesting lecture entitled "Why and why wont help us" Ron Pressler shows how difficult it is to check the accuracy of a system objectively:

There is no way to analyse humanity as a programme and there is no big logic response to demonstrate the accuracy of non-trivial software. It suggests the use of empirical methods to analyse the programmes man writes, just like physical science, by collecting proof through the scholarly methods to show a small part of what it really is.

When mankind is like a Turin engine that creates the end of all engines, then we can also find samples and possible answers to solving joint man-made issues that arise in software engineering by the creators of the engines (software teams) produced by mankind. So we might be able to find samples that help the parts of this engine (members of these teams) to create better software so that the definitive applications they create are more inaccurate.

It is not always simple to check these samples impartially. To many of them, mostly those who depend on the particular thinking of the people concerned, the science approach cannot help effectively because we cannot simply limit the experiments to a regulated setting for an unbiased and repeatable outcome, although this is possible for certain characteristics.

What matters is the issue with the "simple" and the " naïve " cipher. Now, the distinction is that we are not discussing the codes that are the result of mankind, but about mankind itself: groups and people. Let us name the complexities of people as the ratio between the number of members of a given group, the degree of complexities to the needs of the company on which they work, and the degree of competence between each of them in different subject areas.

While a high degree of complication of the anthropogenic factors presents more complicated and broader demands, a low anthropogenic factors presents less complicated and narrower demands. Requirement is only to show some popular software and a telephone for contacting, no serious server-side deployment. There is little in the way of complexities of the manpower because there are only a few members in the staff, the demands are easy and the owners of the shop do not bother to hire the best designers on the jobsite.

Finding the right answers is simple. In this case, even if they can begin with 2 members, the complex nature of the projekt will ultimately require more than 2 members, they will need a larger group, which will have to split the code base in order to maintain the stable nature of the plate.

There is a high level of sophistication in the HR process because there are many members of the workforce, the demands are complicated and the owners of the platforms need highly qualified people who can do all this. Working with people and complicated needs you can either use the basic answer to a basic issue (building the website for the bakery) or the advanced answer to a complicated issue (building the platform).

One thing that cannot be done is to use the simple answer to the complicated issue, or to believe that the simple answer is the right one, because it is not. One of the best ways to improve the chance of getting an answer when dealing with people is to think more innovatively. It' like an businessman who leaps into the complexities of the global economy and tries to create new things without clear proof that it will work.

Trying and failing, but learning with their failures, they finally find something new that becomes the remedy for a particular issue, with the ability to make a difference. Like Ron Pressler said at the end of his lecture at 45:34: Komplexität is important, it cannot be domesticated and there is no big response, the best thing we can do in the company as in computer science is to use many ad-hoc technologies and of course to try to try to get as much as possible about the particular character of the issues.

When software is complicated, the ploy is how to make it better is to get to know the specificity of everything around it, even humans.

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