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Writing to magazine

Written by Writing West Midlands, this online magazine features texts by children and young people from the region. The Union's quarterly magazine is exclusively available to our members. Do bring your best writing and discover what it's like to write for a magazine! I' m sorry, but most magazines would reject your content. Find out how you can make a contribution here.

Writing to magazine

It is full of poetry, story telling and article written by young authors between the ages of 7-19. It is a great reading, an excellent source for educators and a welcome complement for any college, church or home use. World On is the oldest literature magazine for children of children in New Zealand.

Celebrating the best of children's literature and offering the possibility of publishing. It appears twice a year in July and December. Be sure you have reviewed your work before sending it to us. Don't be scared to do your work better.

We kindly ask you to submit only previously unreleased works (it is fine if they have only appeared in your newsletters). Do not submit papers at the same time (please do not submit papers that have been reviewed by another magazine or competition). When your work is posted elsewhere, we ask that you acknowledge Write On as your first posting.

We' re always looking for young, seasoned authors (authors who have already released a few plays) to offer features essays and review books. If you would like us to consider your work as a featured performer, please e-mail us.

The Spark Young Writers Magazine

Producer: West Midlands magazine, this on-line magazine offers texts by local schoolchildren. For the latest edition of the magazine, please see the Latest Edition page, where you can find a notice from William Gallagher, the publisher of the magazine, and view the magazine.

For a more imaginative approach to reading from up-and-coming young authors, please see the Previous Editions page. There' s a complete listing of all the youngsters who have written in Spark Youngsters Magazine, with a link to their work on the Contributors page. For more information on how to contribute to the magazine, please see the "Join in" page.

The magazine is issued in July (summer), December (autumn) and April (spring). Spark Young Partners Magazine issue 15 will be released in September 2018. To find out more about West Midlands and information such as West Midlands Literary and Language Groups, Language and Literary Festival, University, Regional Literacy and our work with young authors, please see www.writingwestmidlands.org.

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