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Some great news for all fans of photo editing programs, photo decorators or apps for adding "text to pictures"! Our aim was to create something that a) encourages you to write every day and b) helps you to improve your writing in a busy schedule. You' ve got to write down why people should bother downloading your application before you even start building it. If you are writing (or talking) about an app, it is important to distinguish how you think about the app and how your customers think about the app. First, before we get to writing Google Android Apps - a little overview.

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Mac Observer Test - Write On is one of the best education applications we've ever seen. With Write On, your kid can practise his name, use the right dashes for block and script characters, have more than one line to see his progression, American and British English noises, character noises, phonetic noises, animation, neat animals pictures, multi-colour typing, deleting the last line and much more.

ABC Alphabet Song on the homepage is a great song that'?s really good value for money, it's great music and your kid will play it and sing along for a while. With Write On, your kid can help you write correctly. Children must be taught to write with the right lines.

With Write On, all your kids can improve their typing applications by giving them a lot of room to practise, either with their fingers or with a pen that works with the pad. Never again waste your pencil or buy costly workbooks. The full versions include: Alphabet Song Page, Write Page, Word Page, Exercise Page and Easy to Hard Strokes Modes.

Alphabetic Carol - An enchanting carol that reads the English language and shows the characters as you sing. Noises for the note and its phonemetic tone - made simple for small kids. Every character is associated with an pet - very sweet pets for every one. Words page - touch the words on Word's writing and exercise screens so your kid can practise his or her name.

Exercise Page - The large exercise page can be used to let your kid write his name or anything he wants. - Please don't say that. EASILy-to-Hardstrokes mode - Let your kid begin with the simplest punches to write a note and then move on to the hardest punches.

There is a correct order in the script, but to help children get started, there is an alternate order to avoid frustration.

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