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Download My Story Writer, free and secure. The latest version of My Story Writer: The new way to write My Story Writer. I love my life, I love my dog, I love my children. If I am afraid to tell my story, how can I teach my children to be safe?

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You have 8 good reason to make history

I spend my time as an editor and supervisor composing theirs. However, every novelist I have ever worked with (including myself) is throwing himself into this emotive trash chute: Why should I make my own film? However, I still believe in the value of our writings, because the lives that could transform them may not be those of a readership, but our own.

Eight good reason to make your story: Lettering will help us to demand a deliberate name. As we make our own stories, we acknowledge IELONG ( "to my stories, to my families, to my past, to my memories"). To those of us who think we are missing, our writings are based on a solid self-image.

We are empowered to compose our own tales. In order to tell a tale, we have to believe that we have the right to tell it. To those of us who are feeling helpless, our writings help us to demand our part. We start to make sense of our life by this. If we are making a history, we make an ordered patterns from these incidents and thus structuring the significance.

The Holocaust surviver and writer of Man's Search for Méaning, Viktor Frankl established the logo therapy, which lectures that importance is not intrinsic to an event, but an act of our own creative activity, in every aspect of our being.

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