Write my Story

Writing my history

Every student continues and writes his own story. If you' re telling your story, try something else. Write the ugly parts instead. As so many others, my story begins with those who came before me. But, if you give yourself permission to write your story, you claim your truth (twitter that!

) and what brought you to where you are now.

Same thing happens when you reduce a story to the essentials. Good as the story is, it is difficult to describe it briefly and concisely.

Had this story been good for you, it would have been good for someone else. Do not believe that you are "the only one".

The best way to get better is to write.

Sometimes I'm worried about leaving something out of my story.

But you can tell another story. You don't have to tell your story everything you want to say. While you keep typing, your last story won't be your last.

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