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I' ve wanted to write a book for years. I' m just packing a book and it reminds me how great it is. Let an experienced book coach support you individually and effectively. Q: Why did you organize your own US book tour and most of our own book advertising and what was that? Time costs are variable;

some people write faster than others.

Writing your books

He was not sure if his poultry keeping skills would be useful to everyone - or if he knew enough to even publish his own novel - and just imagine what..... a best-selling magazine for nine months was out there! He got a lot of attention and leaded to his business: Influenced by the fascination of old Egypt since he read a novel about it at the age of 9, Jane Akshar immigrated to Luxor in 2003.

There she founded a tourist company and has written a number of textbooks. Jane's deal was booming and so was she:

Just copy the script you always wanted to do.

Bella Pollen gives you a factual and impartial insight into your work. She will work with you on your manuscripts, page by page, chapters by chapters, until they are completed and operational in a set of Oxbridge-style manuscripts.

She is a novelist and reporter who has written and published numerous articles, such as Vogue, Bazaar, The Spectator, The Times & The Sunday Telegraph. He has written five books, ranging from the demise of the aristocracy in the best-selling hunting unicorns and the US/Mexican border in Midnight Cactus to the losses and betrayals of the Criticized Summer of the Bear, a novel about magic thought and salvation against the background of the Cold War.

He has a wide range of experiences in lecturing the arts of typing in individual personal meetings for memoirs and literature. There are three different types of service we provide, whether you are at the beginning, centre or end of a work. Have you got an ingenuity for a product that needs to be extracted and developed?

We will supervise these first delicate phases of the write making progression, teach you the elements of the story and texture, and give you advice on how to paint your personalities and find your part. It'?s not uncommon to fracture the centre of a work. The Bella Pollen will review your script, find out where and why it doesn't work, and then give you advice on how best to fix it, whether it's restructuring, drawing through narratives, honing the dialog, or evolving the personality.

There are no more times when agencies and publishing houses worked in close collaboration with an writer. In order for an editor or editor to hire a new writer, his work has to be taken off the page. And Bella will show you how to cut, tighten and polish your own line by line to make sure that what you ultimately enter is the best it can be.

Bella Pollen is a New York-born novelist and reporter who has collaborated on a large number of books on both sides of the Atlantic, from Vogue and the Bazaar to Telegraph, Observer and the Financial Times. She has written five books, ranging from the demise of the nobility in the best-selling hunting unicorns to clandestine migration at the Midnight Cactus frontier in Mexico, to familial fondness and losses at the climax of the Coldwar in Criticized The Summer of the Bear.

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