Write my Book for me

You can write my book for me

Do I intend to create a unique book project or a lasting relationship? When I wake up in the morning, I know I write best. Je ne sais pas ce qu'est une pièce d'identité et je ne peux pas publier mon livre ! Being an aspiring writer, I dreamed of sharing my words with the world one day. The truth is, I was kidding myself.

Who' ll be reading my book?

To write a new note to the plan is not typing drered up a multitude of unwelcome anxieties (don't mind Sam, I don't blame you). There' re a reason I haven't got the book ready yet. Part of it comes from general fear, but most of it comes from the plain fact that there are so many true authors.

There are so many good, astonishing, iconic writers who keep inspiring me to write, but at the same time paralyse my creative mind for being afraid of contras. If there are good ones, why would anyone want to see my book? Only way to really stop is to begin. Get started on your writing. Begin to tell the stories. It' my history.

She doesn't have to have a history. It' a tale someone wants to tell. Or maybe it's just a tale I want to tell. Perhaps a tale of grandeur. It' s difficult to get things (read: whatever it is, you are private passionately about) out there. When I get bogged down and especially bad about my odds of ever completing a book, I will.

Listening or listening to those who are inspiring me. Narrative travel is loopings, not straight lines. Tellin' my tale takes me to others who return to mine. It will move others on their own travels to see my tale. All I have to do is get the film out. It' not the only thing because it's important (for me) that folks want to get to know and like it.

We have to begin the whole thing somewhere. You ( "my fictional, changeable audience") must get a shot at reading it before you can judge whether it is shit or not. So who' s gonna be reading my book? I have just signed up for Patreon, an easy way for someone to make a contribution to the project:

The book is a great reward (one of them is the Immortality. Don't tap it until you've tried it). I would really appreciate it, and it would help other folks see the whole thing.

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