Write me a Story

Writing me a story

While I' m at work today, write me a story. It' been so long since you wrote a good story. Do it nice and creepy too! The Eeboo Write Me A Story Fairy Tale Mix-Ups are part of the Eeboo Literacy Series, which focuses on creativity and storytelling. Kids practice storytelling and write a narrative poem.

Mommy, write me a story.

At first, it is lonely, but it can be even more isolated to write at home with kids, especially youngsters. "It' s not hard to be the only one in the world who takes on the challenge of keeping to a deadline while the child takes a nap," says Nikki Boehm, the four-year-long list server presenter, Momwriters.

" Momwriters have more than 1,100 mothers. Founded in 1997, the listservice offers not only the sporadic meal prescription but also advices on the topic of typing. Linda Sherwood was first introduced to Momwriters in the papers but did not know how to publish it in them. "The members share their experiences and gave me information on the markets, recommended books and simply let me know that I am not the only one who resists and receives refusals, and that acceptance can also reach the post office," she said.

She ascribes her first three on-line write loans to the people she made through the mailing form. Now as one of the presenters, she gives new members the same advices and encouragements she has got. Mumwriters has produced more than 60 specialised spin-off listings, among them the MWMarkets, the MWCritique Liste and the MWNovelChallenge, all of which are quoted on yahoogroups.com.

"It is the shared daily lives that write mothers have to face that always sets Momwriters apart from other paperboards and websites," Boehm said. The NUW (Not the Usal Way), The Blue Ear Journal and The Write-List are other popular listings for authors. Getting 17 authors together, everyone used to having complete mastery of their work has cost a lot of work, but the efforts are worth it now that Manual is getting great criticism.

Launched as a test run to measure interest in a compilation of new works by authors publishing on the Internet, the test has been downloading almost 40,000 copies since its inception on 24 May. "There are many unfamiliar talents on-line, and we wanted to bring some of them together in a unique project," said Dennis Mahoney, who put the whole thing together and worked with Josh Allen, Michael Barrish and R. Baldwin.

"Web is still the simplest and least expensive way to spread the word about free authoring. They have the feeling that they can find an immediate public of interested users on the web. If you are an author or journalist who wants the basic information, you can now have a website with post-book extracts and journal article, the possibility to moderate discussion, email newsletter, follow subscriptions and create links to on-line bookshops.

Authors who have only three works can choose the $3 schedule, and authors with a major work can add 50 for $9 per work. Debbie Neckel founded a full-featured AM radioshow after five years in the slowly evolving AM radioset. When she found out how hard it was to get a broadcasting licence in a conurbation, she put her ideas on the web and began Broadband Book Broadband Broadcasting, a pure online-show.

Her full-time, nightly broad-band books broadcaster uses streamed sound, a starter, an encoders and three workstations: the first and the second: Debbie & Pam ; Author's Secrets RĂ¡dio, mit Vijaya Schartz ; Dragon Page, mit Michael Mennenga ; und Give That Kid ABooks. Born in Tarzana, California, Joe is also part of the nationwide Hugh Hewitt Talkshow.

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