Write me a Short Story

I' d like you to write me a short story

Three tips to get amazing ideas for creating a short story. Try an opening line like: Will you help me write a short story? People have access to PCs and the fact is that the Philippine economy is proud. Hope you'll join me on this epic quest!

Write me a short story that can be described as "cordial". WritingPrompts

One spends one full solar orchestra on one planet, one hundred on the next, and one forgets where the whole thing has gone. I sometimes even sometimes forgets what my primordial life was like before I dive into my head deeply enough to it. When was the last the last the last trip to a aquatic paradise.

So what was it this trip, two million sleep? and I don't know what it is. So, what's different this one? Maybe I felt this way before sleeping a few million times, and my mind is wasted.

I' m willing to review my protocols, but I didn't add an item long before my last trip to an irrigated state. I' m guessing I'm not exactly short of material, no matter how much I wish I was. During all this period I have added about forty million records, of which I only write one now and then.

Even more impressing, however, is how quickly it can scan the document for what I am looking for. There was something I wanted to know about my own soul - if I had ever known of a strange, undescribable state. I' d been writing over my breast area, which felt injured after taking a fall from a rock on a huge desertscape, but that was it.

That was four hundred thousand years ago. But, since I've realized that I' m getting that sensation, I just have to know! "You will find what you are looking for in your next realm. Which is it that I'm looking for? For most of the times in this spaceship my dream was just black, so I'm sure this is true.

My feelings grow much more profound in my being. I ask him through the computer to scans the surroundings for a thousand sleeping places at his present pace. I' ve not seen the appearance of a realm for far too long, so I know I shouldn't get my hope up.... but this is the first hope I've had in a long while.

As my breathing gets harder, the scanning continues and my mind continues to grow even more deeply into these abyss. An irrigated state. It is about as big as the first planet, with about the same ratio of sea to country. As a matter of fact, I recall the first times I went to a place like this, I wrote about how much it looked like the first one.

Things have to be different this one. "You will find what you are looking for in your next realm. Things will be different in this one. I' m told by the kiosk that the whole wide globe is only a few nights away. I have a swollen artery and a growing sensation. When what I want is in this next realm.... is it okay to let me believe again?

There was a million sleep s before the last straws came and I could not even have hoped to open that gate again..... but that is not norm. I' ll hold on, but this tim I' ll never let the flames go out. I' m resting and meditating and breathing, while my cardiac is getting heavy.

I' m getting a little heavy in my body, but at the same to-- it's getting gravity-- "The boat is entering the ambience of the earth, and the emotion in my soul is consuming me.

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