Write like an Author

Writing like an author

Write Like an Author has been developed and proven in classrooms in Australia, New Zealand and the USA for over eight years. Writing like an Writer - Hamilton In an entertaining and supporting environment, kids from 10 to 14 years old will work with Brian to design, build and review great storytelling! He shows the kids the industry's best moves and is available to help with any question. When your kid loves to type creatively, he or she will enjoy this particular summer camps.

You will not only be able to concentrate on your typing, but also make new mates!

Scottish College

Do parents and carers like to tell their children about it? Are you dreaming of becoming a writer? This is an international recognised course that gives young scriptwriters the abilities and technique to design their work. In the course of the course, each student develops and writes an inventive and imaginative storyline under the direction of the famous writer and writer's trainer Brian Falkner.

Brian, a New Zealander now residing in Australia, is an international award-winning children's writer with fifteen titles released in more than thirteen different states. It is designed for young, passionate authors who want to build their own narrative and literary talent. It' perfect for youngsters who have a vision of becoming a public writer or for those who want to enhance their typing aptitudes.

It is non-resident and is open every night from 9.00 - 15.00. Pupils must have their own equipment (a notebook or a tray to record their stories). This is a great place for young authors who want to know how to turn their beautiful thoughts into beautiful story.

Writing like a chef, writing like a champ, writing like an author! No! Aged 8-11 (Queensland State Library)

Teach storytelling skills with Brian Falkner, an iconic writer and writer, in this nationally recognized school. Throughout this four hours of workshops, you will go on a trip of adventure and discoveries, where you will discover how to design, build and compose great storytelling as Brian accompanies you every steptep.

You will receive all material for the workshops and take home a copy of the works you wrote during the workday. Part of the Story Lab workshops Story Lab 2017. On Wednesday, January 18, it will also be available as a 11-14 year old workhop.

Please only apply for this class if you are in the specified group. There is no parent/guardian assistance necessary for this group. At the check-in counter in front of the Info Zone on tier 1, attendees must log in and join the group. For a copy of the declaration of agreement and further information on the training sessions, please have a look at the Parents' Guidelines (PDF 399,5 KB).

Every student must fill out a declaration of agreement and submit it on arrival for the first course in the Story Lab range. He likes to tell tales, either in his bestsellers or in front of an audiences of undergraduates. He is the award-winning writer of 15 child and youth literature, which has been released in seven different tongues in over 12 nationalities.

Brian has also been on the road for eight years, where he teaches and coaches creativity literacy classes. Featuring an energetic and humorous approach, his workshop is an entertaining and worthwhile event for young authors and his work is in great demand. Just ask him.

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