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Writing fiction online

By no means in any particular order, here are our tips for the five best online writing communities for fiction writers - everything you need to find your own little niche on the web! Some of our most innovative fiction writers have been supported and curated by online communities for years. You' re trying to be a better writer. What are we writing fiction for? That is a question with as many different answers as there are fiction writers:

Only accentuation

I' ve been readin' some of it online in the last few years, maybe a section of an american novel with lunches or fiction while I'm waitin' for coffee." But of course you get into the question of qualitiy controls - there's a whole bunch of fiction out there."

When you write such things and your issues are triviality, irrational storylines, undecipherable or weary dialogues or one of a dozen other issues, I can't really help you. However, there is a much larger group of authors whose problem is that of stile, and I can give some suggestions.

These are some style lines for a legible, fluid online fiction. Not indented, this is outdated, more difficult to see and better suited for printing. Every time you try to reproduce a tone in the text, it seems cheesy and weird. Don't even try. Instead, either describe the tone in pass-by or just point out that a tone has been listened to.

Plciard didn't even look up from his computer terminals when the famous BEE-DEE-BEE-DEE sounds signalled that someone wanted access to his Ready Room. Not even looked up from his computer terminals when the trusted ringing of the doorbell signalled that someone was asking for access to his on-call room.

There are two different explanations why dialogues are hard to write. First you have to choose what the character actually says - and that part is up to you. There are so many dilettantish authors spitting dialogues on the page and giving the readers the feeling that the character had a spoken play of the game.

There was just not enough spare for my periodic meditations during our current talks with the Andorians. This gives the feeling of a rather fast and stable interchange, while the real dialog itself suggests a more subtle and careful discussion. In fact, I sometimes see a script like writing fiction, just because many folks don't know how to write and speed up the dialog.

Be free to hide the dialog; really visualize the person who is talking. If we have the same talk between Archer and T'Pol, we can make it much more interesting to be reading and less shaking by doing something like this: Sighing and perceiving a tender brow that rose just before the tone, he began.

" Then he smiled and looked away from her for a second before he met his eye again. "but there' s nothing there," she said, and this one it was his turn to lift his eyebrows. "There was just not enough spare my constant meditations during our current talks with the Andorians.

For a long instant he glanced at her in silent contemplation and scanned her face for the least weakened obstacle that always held her in place. "Now, when you say it," he said, again with a faint grin for a second before turning around and going to the sash. After a break, perhaps a second longer than necessary, she kicked through the door.

Let your dialog run; concentrate on all the interactions, not just the words you speak. Don't let the protagonists say things they wouldn't say. That' s especially important when you write fiction; you have to keep the protagonists in their person. Crack your storyline as much as you want, but make your protagonists credible. There is also a normal kind of pause that can appear within a section to indicate that there has been a change in timing and/or location: it is referred to as a muse.

When you write fiction online, it is common to simply add a kind of horizonal delimiter - you should be free to do so with renunciation, and always highlight changes in date or place. Apart from the scenes and chapters, you don't need another pause. At the end of a section, take a completely new page (if you publish online, remember to link to another page on the web where the next section can be found).

These are a very frequent issue, and it is a sure way to make your typing sounds kitsch. Instead, describe the real emotions of the characters - in any case with analogies if you consider it appropriate - and do not reduce the price of the moments by cutting them down to a quote from another text.

If you brazenly copy a storyline from a TV show in your own fictitious realm, you' re resisting the temptation of one of your character noticing how similar the event is to what happens in that show. It' s dazzlingly evident, but generally ignored: get someone who isn't you to work.

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