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I'm not the best writer in my company. I am a good writer who is always looking for improvements. Being a new writer, it was the curse of my existence. Improve your planning, organization, writing and editing skills to write more effective and efficient emails. Recently Pan Macmillan published Steve's new book How to Write Better Copy.

As one writes better: Seven Immediate corrections

Are you worried if your letter is good enough? All writers have their own questions about their work. But the good news is that typing is a trip. Each phrase you write is a stage on the way and makes you a better author. With abbreviations you learn to recognize and correct errors in order to be able to write better.

There are seven instantly fixed items that will enhance your typing. What is good handwriting? Unexperienced authors think that'good' typing is complex. No. Good handwriting is easy. See an example of complex typing below (I have samples of randomly selected free Kindle writing). That'?s how the author described the scene:

To immerse the readers in your history or your articles, you need to write as easily as possible. Do not write a letter that attracts people' s interest. If you begin to edit your text, crop out everything that is already implied. So when the writer writes,"....who radiated from the stars," he says, which is already evident.

The clich├ęs are foreseeable and make it cheaper to write. The new authors like striking colours: The easiest way to write better is to concentrate on one thought per phrase. This is a straightforward length rule: phrases should not contain more than twenty to thirty words. You can see from these seven corrections that it is quite straightforward to correct your work.

As soon as you know what errors you need to look for in your letter, you can rectify and prevent them. Focusing on errors when you are in the process of typing will limit your creative ability. Leave your letter full, fierce and bad: the worse, the better. Then, use the seven immediate corrections mentioned above - and turn your typeface into a matter of beaut.

When you wonder how you can write better - just read these hints and you will be surprised how your typing is improving.

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