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What's your story? Watch this short tutorial on the pace of story writing so you can maintain your momentum and keep your readers on their toes. However, how can you capture the right story for your audience? Any good story needs a catch - or an interesting angle at the beginning of the story - that fascinates the reader. "Write a science fiction story about aliens.

Choose a storyline destination.

First and foremost of any action is the storyline objective or problem. That is the organizational concept around which the whole storyline of your novel revolves. A clear objective gives the readers a perspective that allows them to see the significance of each and every incident in history.

To put it briefly, it makes history momentous. Basically, the aim of history is "what history is all about". "However, we need to be a little clear about this, because a tale can be about different things from different points of view. Because in literary classes you often learn that a history is a subject.

So to put it plainly, the aim of the narrative is what the character wants to accomplish, or the issue he/she wants to work out. When you have an ingenuity for a novel, make sure you know what the aim of the novel is before you outline your action. So what does your main character want? Which problems does she try to resolve?

You may, for example, have an outside objective, such as doing something, detecting something, solving a problem, creating a desirable vision or changing something. It' easily confusing to choose your storyline target, because a character can have any number of targets or issues in a game.

The difference between the narrative objective and any other objective is that the narrative objective includes many different protagonists. As a matter of fact, almost every person in your novel will have an interest in whether the history objective is attained. There are also many fantasies about the deposition of a desert and the return of a legitimate and sympathetic sovereign to the crown.

So you can't do a great thing? Other ways a particular issue or objective can influence or engage most of the people in your novel. Military stories. When you make a history of battle in which the player fights for the win, every player, no matter on which side he fights, has a share in the result.

Anyone can be the hero, from the queen to the foot soldier, provided that his or her action determines whether or not he or she succeeds. He will be joined by the protagonist's companions to reach the target, while those on the other side will fight to stop the protagonist's side from overcoming it. Secrets of the story.

This is a classical thriller in which the investigator is the main character who tries to find out the murderers name. There are many ways in such tales how other personalities will feel if the killer stays at large. However, some tales are not about all protagonists being interested in whether the protagonists achieve their goals, but about all protagonists having basically the same goals for themselves.

Treasure and Quest Tales. A lot of tales have been told about the efforts to find or check precious or mighty items or to ensure that they do not get into the false hands again because the whole planet would feel the pain. Many of these tales have many different character struggling for the price.

For example, The Mertse Falcon, where all players try to get an invaluable asset, and The Lord of the Rings, where most players either try to stop someone from sticking a magical ring to their fingers, or desire the ring for themselves. Lovestories. The aim of pride and prejudice is to achieve a good relationship.

However, not only the heroine Elizabeth Bennett has this aim. However, most people don't mind if Elizabeth finds a good spouse. These pieces are about someone finding their real loves. But not only the protagonists find a flawless complement.

Most of the other players either seek self-loving or try to stop real charity from flourishing. The aim of Mirracle on 33th Street is to re-establish belief. An old man who names himself Kris Kringle has to persuade a little maid that he is Santa Claus.

But also other personalities fight with beliefs. Macey's managerial staff are struggling to believe in a new strategy of placing the needs of their clients above immediate gain. Aim of the game is to escape from this convenient environment and go to Hollywood, where humans are successfull but valuable.

He hits the target by meeting a millionairess who slowly leads him into her life. The protagonists enjoy acting like James Bond/Caper movie actors when they are driving the character through London so that he can show his true passion for the actor. When you have selected your narrative target - your protagonist's primary target - take some thought to see how that target will be important to other people in your novel.

Do all the protagonists in your protagonists' worlds face the same kind of problems for which they either have to find their own or not? Are your expectations directed towards the protagonists' or his or her own chances of succeeding or failing? Let's see how you can use your story goal and create a short plot outline in less than an hours!

Have you got a query about the aims of a novel or any other aspects of novelism? Thanks for creating this precious asset for me and my colleagues.

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