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Each story has a main character or a protagonist. Make a half-page summary for all side characters. Making a short story can be a lot of fun, but it can also be the most difficult and frustrating task because it is limited. The short story is probably the best place to start teaching and writing creative fiction, as it develops all the skills a writer needs to write any form of fiction. Without room for upholstery, the short story also puts the elements of your writing craft to the test.

Writing a short story?

A lot of you know that I'm working on a novel, so you might be amazed that I just completed a little novel and posted it about Smashwords on Amazon and other stores. However, I wager some of you will wonder why I am breaking my focus on a novel and writing a brief history.

True: The novel hums along, but the history screamed to be made. Also, it' great to hear a few shorts. You' ll be able to build a whole new universe of interesting people in much less elapsed timeframe than it would take to compose a novel. I have been thinking about the basic concept behind "Personal Chef" for some considerable time: a figure who (like me) does not like cooking - or taking the necessary amount of leisure - and desires that she could simply take one tablet three days a week for all her dietary needs.

Well, what if this maid is a cook? An in-person cook? Because all of a sudden I knew I had the history. It can be simpler to create a comic than a novel, but that's not always so. Everything is concentrated in a brief history. In fact, I deleted almost 2000 words from "Personal Chef" while I edited it.

These are 5 good places to start making a novel in the midst of or anytime. In " Personal Chef" the subject is similar to my novel - both show a powerful woman in her 30' or 30' who encounters a man younger than her.

Despite the difference and length, both the novel and the narrative are modern novels. I wanted to do experiments in this kind of music, but with something much briefer. I have never seen myself as a novelist - other brief narratives I have composed about rebellion/social insurrection or para-normal and imaginary.

So, it's normal that I should report about it. The novel contains some element of actions or adventures and dangers, but not so much in the comic. If you' re going to do one or more sexual scenes in your novel, it's a good time to get some work. If your mind hurts from the complexity of the novel, put something new.

Obviously a narrative must be relatively straightforward in terms of texture and length. You' re even confined in a longer narrative - which can contain up to 30,000 words, according to your authorities. Get the brainchild and run with it. I had the concept of "Personal Chef" for a long while and she annoyed me so much that I couldn't just turn a blind eye to it.

When I had the sparks of inspiring in the food shop, as I said above, I just had to do it. When your muse says to you that you should have a seat and do some writing, or when you can see the history as it happens, do it no matter at all.

You can either post it yourself, enter it in a competition or write a request to a publishing house that specialises in or greets it. Definitely feeling good to finish something rewarding as you drag yourself through a long novel. I' ve been writing other shorts, but this one just phoned me.

I could turn this little tale into a serial. Updat: This is a novel about which you can find here:

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