Write and Share Stories

Writing and sharing stories

Create and share beautiful poems with a unique blend of art and words. The Figment community is dedicated to reading and writing stories online. Once written, you can share your stories with whoever you want. It is a mobile platform where you can write, read and share stories for free. Both for the prospective writer and for the amateur.

Catch your Sweek on: reading, writing and sharing stories in a fun way.

Sweek. Sweek, a portable story-reading, story-writing and story-sharing community. Sweek, like many other applications, didn't just appear out of nowhere. Sábine van Der Plas shared her income at the time of Sweek's delivery. Ever since the dinosaur began roaming the world, stories have been a part of humanity.

The Sweek is a portable space where the user can quickly and easily share, write and share stories. It' a global fellowship and it's totally free. There' s also a web-appliance. The Sweek is available in 10 different language versions and stories can be written in over 60 different language versions.

Browse, write, share. The Sweek is home to many. If you are looking for well-known artists, inform yourself about classic works or search for new artists, you will find what you are looking for at Sweek. Browse a storyline you like and put it in your local archive so you can browse it off-line. You can write your stories on the go and share them off-line in the blink of an eye.

Get in touch with your readership, give your comments and share stories through the use of online or intranet. In addition to publishers, Sweek focuses on the portable part. During our research we have learnt that the world of literacy has become very socially responsible. It is Sweek's intention to narrow the gulf between the author and the readership. The sweet fellowship is very positive," says Sabine.

"I think it's a very beautiful place to release your first one. The reader gives feedbacks on the stories they are reading and even share them via online messaging. Dividing stories can persuade the author to release his own Sweek Self-Publishing stories. If you like a storyline, it's always good to have a copy of it.

You can also attract a whole new public, because not everyone is reading on their cell phones. Storytelling also enhances the author's chance of being spotted by the publisher. The Sweek is available on the App Store and Google Plays.

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