Write and Publish a Kindle Ebook

Writing and publishing a Kindle Ebook

Self-publication of a book at Amazon: So how hard is it to write and publish a 300-page eBook on Kindle with Amazon in 2-3 month? So, I resolved to integrate a everyday habits of typing into my everyday lives, in which I wrote at least 500 words every day....

yes, every one! Besides work and my home where I live, why not something else? As an author on the Amazon Kindle publishing plattform, if I wanted to get even a modest amount of results, I would have to make a everyday typing work.

I' ve always tried to write as often as possible, but I never really had a timetable, it was all about pressing my keypad as often as possible. This" routine" often made me frustrate during the weeks because I hadn't put together enough contents and was angry on a weekday because of the lack of day in the weeks and I had to spent even more of my free weeks above my computer on the weekend trying to get into 4000-word monsters and make up for what I had failed to do during the weeks.

That was not the kind of style of handwriting I wanted to develop for myself. When I realized over a week-end that I had more to do with my computer than with my whole life (no, not this kind of interaction), I thought I needed to alter my routines so that it would be a lot more enjoyable to write again and make sure I put less stress on myself.

I' ve always put a lot of effort on myself, I have no clue why, for some reasons I just want everything done in a moment, I can't hold on, I had to study to be more tolerant with my letter and therefore enjoy again and take the strain off myself.

So, I chose to develop a scheme to bring a everyday habits of typing into my live, it seemed a huge job, if I thought more about it, it was a big obligation to make sure that I would write every single working days, but if I wanted to make a difference in my live for the better, then I had to come up with a new timetable with a new one.

I' m choosing 500 words, generally this would par at least pretty much with 1 volume per months or thenabouts if I could add that amount of words on a everyday base I should have added a wholesome amount of work to my eBook catalog by the end of the year.

A second eBook is the best way to write your latest eBook. I had to find a way to fool my head, which was actually an effortless job, could I persuade my head? I' m actually one with myself....it'll be weird...she says that the first token of insanity talks to herself, how could I persuade myself to believe that typing 500 words a dail?

It only took me 30 min. to actually write 500 words. √ĘThis was now a tense seat for me, being able to devote just 30 mins. A fullfilling my typing habits seemed much more attractive now when I knew that the cluster of times I had to put aside was quite small, I could even split the 30 min meeting into two different 15 mins if I was stuck on schedule, maybe one meeting in the mornings and one in the evenings.

I, this way I could login and explain my verb counting every single working days, that would give me a different feeling of obligation to complete my custom every single working days, I now felt in charge of check-in every single working days after finishing my typing meeting, seeing the lush hook the application gives you after check-in, felt like a close of custom for the whole working days without putting further stress on me, lush hook done for the whole working days, forgets it all now and starts again tomorrw.

What is the outcome of the implementation of this new way of expressing myself in my work? Most of the day I slightly exceeded my minimal number of words, it was no more tiresome work, I enjoyed it more and more, I even had to stop typeing a few day after I had reached the 30-minute level, I had to stop, except on a few opportunities where I was in "groove", even groovingaby!

So, what did I learnt when I created my new custom and kept it? Working out how long it will take you to accomplish your habitual tasks will make it much simpler for you to get started and stay with her in the new year. Your habits need an ultimate aim, from going every single days to keep fit to eat more healthy to a better nutrition, to loose body mass, you must have an ultimate aim to look for and track a feeling of performance.

Putting aside a small amount of daily amount of work needed to complete your habits is much more prolific in the long run, rather than spending as much as possible over a few nights, preventing the habits from becoming compulsory and allowing you to do it. I come in a very convenient way by logging in every single working days to record your progression, you can keep an overview of what you have done, and for the number of working hours you have done it, you will have a tendency to take responsibility for your progression, you will want to shop in every single workingday and will not let yourself down.

Now that my results have proved a success, I will move from daily typing to an eBook and embed some of my texts in a blogs, maybe once or twice a week, both will help me to further develop my authoring platforms, which is my final aim to create a better way of being.

And if I can enforce this way of thinking, what else can I do to improve myself?

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