Write and Publish a Book for free

Writing and publishing a book for free

It may sound simple to write a book description, but it is not. Create and publish your first book: As you promote your self-published Kindle Books for free: you can really have a multinational global business from your desk, which is exciting! We will not cover the whole process of writing a book from scratch.

So what can you hope to get when you sell your book for free?

Are you really going to get literally hundreds of thousand files? I said not so long ago I would never sell my book for nothing. These free specimens were reserved for my benefactors, donators and sponsors. What is this, I asked, and many playwrights were of the opinion that there are none. Although my original opinion hasn't really moved much, I still chose to try after seeing so many great contributors who say that posting your book on our e-mail list does miracles.

In assessing assertions like "Give your free e-books will do miracles for your e-mail list," with such an approximation would mean, considering the fact that five or ten years ago, self-publishing didn't look anything like what we have to do today. Great authors, those who succeeded five or more years ago, make these assertions on the basis of what worked for them then and so many years ago.

Therefore, the result and the assertion that this concept works as well for every self-published author today could be extremely erroneous and even completely false. It may also be incorrect and completely false to conclude that what works today for a author who already has hundreds of millions of followers works just as well for the one who has just begun to develop a following.

I hypothesized that while it was simple to get tens of thousand free copies when you provided your book five or more years ago, it just doesn't do that anymore, and you can be totally excited if your free book only gets a few hundred in.

Doing this makes complete sense if you think about it - the Number of available (paid and free) textbooks on the open air online shop has skyrocketed in the last five years, while the number of subscribers has practically the same. So, on the whole, how can you anticipate anything but much less sale and even downloading of free music?

Nevertheless, you can't draw any conclusion until you do an experiments and see what happens - which is like I offered my book for free. I' ve chosen to test the assertion that giving away your free Ebook's will work miracles for your e-mailinglist. This should work by including a registration page within the free book (front and back), in which you provide the readers with another book for free if they only subscribe to your e-mailinglist.

So, what these writers said is that by providing the home book for free or considering it free perma on main decks (Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Nook...), you would get thousands and then by providing an yet another e-book for free within the'bait' book, these readers would give you their e-mails in returns, and, voila, that's how you get tens of thousand affiliates.

That' s exactly what I followed did -- the tee-off instruction, added the obvious registration possibility at the beginning and end of the book in exchange for another free book, provided the'bait' book for free on all important websites and then supervised the download and registration. In order to make sure that the registrations come from the free book, I also made a new MailChimp mailing lists, which is only connected to the registration forms of the free book.

In order to maximize the chances of downloading as much as possible, I used my book How to Self-Publish Your Book: Fast, Free & Easy Way, which already had a good rankings and good critics and the message that it is now available for free in all of society’ sums.

Remark: My book already had a good placement thanks to the current doctorate, which I had already carried out before the publication. First I put it up for pre-order and began to promote it so that it already had good placements after its release. I am currently faced with a monetary shortfall with this book, but it has remained at the top of its category since the date it was released, and I am selling nearly 300 books in a few month (which is great for a new self-published author).

  • --used the Amazon ---used the Amazon comparison pricing feature and did not register my book on KDP Select, as this would only make it available on Amazon and I'm thinking a little about how this might hurt the sound inter-platform competion (Amazon could drive your book up even more if you do it there exclusively and register it on KDP Select).

You can see that the number of free copies has not reached by far several hundred, let alone several thousand. Altogether there were 102 updates in 5 working hours. And as you can see (see the last page in the graphic), the amount of files downloaded declined as soon as I no longer distributed the content via my newsletters and my online public.

Two noteworthy tips occurred in the first ( "downloads - the") first (March 18) on the Influencer's Retweet Date (39 downloads), the second (March 20) on the date of my newsletters (26 downloads). Remark: I have also published a call to act in the book in which I ask the reader to publish a book reviews.

Nevertheless, only a few hundred purchasers have rated the book. Those percentages, based on the percentages of those who have either chosen the ad, read a book, subscribed, contributed or contributed a book reviews, are often below one per cent. For example, with a CTR (click-through rate) book ad, you can count on a click-through ratio of less than one per cent and often up to 0.05% or less.

If there was a registration in my book, this would mean there would have to be 10,000 updates before I could count on 5 more. Of course, the rates could be higher, and I was able to increase them to 1%, but that still means that only 1 out of 100 users who download the free book also subscribe to the next one for free.

I consider my e-books away for free? As more people are downloading the free book, this could result in more registrations without having to do much more than making the book available for free. But on the other hand, you would still have to spend money on advertising to get more files than you could have hoped for without it.

In order for this to work, you would have to give away a whole amount of e-books, and just setting up these few day a book for free but not benefiting it is not nearly enough. I' m doing this research for the next book I'm working on: on - You Self-Published, Now What? How to Promot Your Book (now preorderable).

When Mateja was ten years old she began writing brief novels and later became a free-lance reporter, transistorist and researcher of the inner world. After studying at Arizona State University, Mateja is now reconstructing her career as a novelist and transformation leader. Give it a try for free!

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