Write and Print your own Book

Writing and printing your own book

How do I print my own book? The technology of today allows a print run of one copy. A partnership with the print-on-demand publisher CreateSpace has been entered into. I can' t wait for my author friends to publish their own books on print-on-demand dot.coms.

The print-on-demand technology makes it possible to keep a book in print forever.

Printing my book: Write & Self-Publish in one year

Recently we met Stepheny Greene, the writer of Stephany's Style Secrets: 7 Staps to Live and Dressage Your Best. Stephan has been working in the clothing sector for over 25 years. They have helped us to produce this "how-to list" for authors who want to put their publications on drive.

She had her novel released and reprinted within a year! Here she tells us the tale of "Print My Book": Stephanie Greene had a one-time situation, but he did the work. They were called one morning to talk about blogs at a meeting and they also wanted to give her the chance to talk about her forthcoming work.

She hadn' completed her work. After a few month an organisation of stylists from all over the world found out that my novel was about to be published. That means I suddenly had less than five month to complete the script.... it made me stop the script and really, really, really put my typing into over-drive.

When you have an online following, use it as a lever to inspire and interest your readers in your forthcoming work. Agents don't always accelerate the trial; be picky. To have an operative can be great. Stepheny was compelled to leap through many tires because he had chosen the incorrect agents, and that had a detrimental effect on the game.

"I was presented to a bookseller through business connections. Said she was in love with my books, and then she quit the office, went to another one and asked if she could take me and my work. For about a year after the trial, I wasn't looking for any other agents at all, because I remained faithful to her.

It ended with her being overcome by her new post and unable to accept my work. A lot of writers are experiencing this with the help of bookspecialists. It' not unusual for an operative to break off without an explanation. No. In order to take the succes of their books into their own hand, they are often looking for the "Print My Book" option.

In the case of this subproject Stefany had to give up the whole thing because too much alone was too long and the subject was no longer pertinent. STEFANY tells you more: The ISBNs and the library of conference numbers you need to buy your books can be accessed. If they don't tell you this number is one, you can get those things yourself, and number two, if they are the ones that will allocate you your ISBN number and library to the congressional number, then that means that they own your Title.

The ups and downs of her work took her so long to be released with several agencies that she chose to go the way of self-publishing and no longer keep her subject an audiences. The realization that she had to continue with her work resulted in the finalization of her latest work.

Don't sit around and write a notebook that won't give you the pleasure you want or the public information you can get. Keep in mind that print is an important part of the process, and not all your printer can help. It should look almost exactly as the finished print would.

Be best friend with a good builder. It' easy to make the acquaintance of a designe. Remember that your illustrator/graphic artist can be your greatest gain for your books or your greatest error. But there is another side to the coin: they do it for a livin'; just because you're a great author doesn't mean you know best when it comes to it.

It can take a while to choose the right designers. "Self-editing requires much more than just a little letter. When I was working for BET, I approached my graphics engineer, who used to be my graphics engineer. This is Black Entertainment Television, and I was the head of their National Football League apparel line designs.

So I got in touch with him and oversaw the entire direction of the graphics artist for the creation of the script-covers. If you are an editor, you cannot be the only one who can proofread your work. Stepheny went that way and had astonishing results. So we asked Stepheny what it was like to see her first printed copy and she replied:

Because it was a life long pipe dream of mine, I always liked it and I always knew that one of these days I wanted to start a new business. By the time my novel was released and reprinted, it was as if I had misjudged it and made my dreams come true. Thank you Stephany Greene for her interviews and the cooperation with Gasch.

For more information about Stephany and her books, you can go to the books website and order a printed copy or make an e-booking reservation.

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