Write an Ebook for free

Writing an Ebook for free

Any format for PC, Mac, eBook Reader and other mobile devices. Making an e-book and offering it for sale is easier than you think. Key here is to give MASSIVE value for FREE before sale. ON HOW TO WRITE AN EBOOK: When your serious about writing ebooks this is essential!

Writing & publishing books & eBooks for free

It is important for anyone taking or studying for various examinations, such as Bank PO, Banker, Railway, SSC, Income Tax, Central Exercise, Insurance, UPSC, NDA, CDS, Luftwaffe, MBA, BBA and other competition examinations. Self-publishers and independent writers have entered the publishers' business in recent years, producing an almost outrageous number of books, both digitally and in pocket.

The majority of writers write out of a passion for literature or the pleasure of telling their stories. Ultimate Writer's Guidebook - Write your own e-book in less than a week! Now you can get off to a good start creating and producing your own e-book with this handbook and finding out what implements and assignments your first e-book is going to get out there where you can make some cash with it!

Now in its fifth issue, Fine Print of Self-Publishing has been praised by business experts as the ideal publication for writers considering self-publishing. Small print has assisted tens of thousand of authors to improve the service of self-publishers, contractual conditions, print..... The 20-page eBook is a fundamental guide to the professional writer's work, as well as the possibilities and issues of today's market.

Selling copy is not selling copy unless it is selling your chances on your listing. Actually it is only an item - an interesting item full of hysteria - but still an item. So what does it take to turn this boring one-dimensional item into a real sale conversation?

As I posted a $30,000 eBook (and you can too)

Throughout I look that it seems that group are free eBooks and difficult to proceeding in on their gathering. There' s a good many track records, but in most cases it' s just that they don' t make the kind of money they want. Since I have had much sucess with my own eBook, Cloud Living (no longer for selling, instead, follow this, I thought it would be useful for many folks if I write a guidebook about the entire buying ccess.

To those of you who don't know, Cloud Living is my eBook that helps teach how to make a livelihood on line. However, I want to make it clear that I do not live on educating the public on how to make a livelihood on line. I had the great notion of creating Cloud Life and just gave away a free eBook for blogs.

Because I' m not just making cash with my blog, I wanted to create an extended guidebook with hints on how to use it. I also wanted to make the guidebook a real life saver for those who want to make life in the clouds (making real with the web). That' s why I have a series of in-depth interview with successful individuals and my own advice on how to do things even when you have a full-timeer.

At the end the book contained 176 pages and I could not be more satisfied with the end results. In this way I knew that I would have been helping many more and the month-long work needed to put the leader together will have been rewarded. The eBook raised over $4,000 on the introduction date.

But before I discuss how I made all this possible, let's look at some of the main causes for eBook creation, apart from the apparent economic upside. Write an eBook? Obviously, the response for most poeple is moneys. You know, there are really quite a few good reason to write an eBook that you may not have thought of:

Be an expert - Since the launch of Cloud Living I have been completely overwhelmed with interviews. It makes it clear that I know what I'm doing on-line, so I get help from my friends. You write a garbage collector, nobody's gonna think much of you.

But if you do the best you can, they' ll know you. I' now see regulars who call making cash on line "Cloud Living" and a number of "make money" blogs now have a cloud in the name. That alone shows me the great impact that some can have.

To have your own one is massive - Have you ever tried to advertise a project that someone else has made on your own blogs? Once, with 5,000 subscription customers, I only postponed about 15 listings after I wrote a whole article about a single game. Keep in mind that your website is popular with the public, so they are more likely to buy a good if it bears your name.

People to help - The eBooks that are best sellers are those that meet a real need. Therefore, a good reason to write an eBook is to exchange information on a subject that you know a great deal about, and really help your customers. Consistent Revenue - Having a $4,000 dollar trading days was fantastic, but it's the consistent revenue from eBook sales that I have.

Now I have two items (1, 2 (no longer available) that I am promoting and earning a good deferred salary. With nothing but a sidewalk bar ad and periodic website activity, Cloud Living is on the right path to make around $3,000 this past month. This is quite astonishing, I think, considering the fact that the drug was released 6M.

And of course: to earn cash. Most of you may be tempted to write an eBook now, but you have completely no clue what you are going to write it on. Many eBooks are selling well, and many more are selling badly. Often the subject of the eBooks makes a big distinction, whether it succeeds in earning or not.

As one way to help you limit the amount of idea humming around your mind right now, here are some of my proposals to help you think about what subject you could write an eBook on: Things you know - The simplest way to make a great looking item is, of course, to write about a subject you know inside out.

I' ve been making web sites for four years, making a livin' livin' on them for almost two years, so I knew my work well. Anything your reader wants - As I said before, it's much simpler to advertise your own product (especially on a blog) than to advertise as an affiliated.

Or you could look at your most favorite sites/blog items and see what your audiences respond to most. To test you to make sure that you will write an eBook on the right subject, ask yourself what you could write about what would help you most.

This may not be something you know the most about, but you may know enough to help others sincerely. You can use Look Around Your Niche - pages like StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter can be an invaluable source of inspiration for products. When you see which issues are really important in your business, you can build a solution that does just that.

There'?s no harm in asking anyone if their products sell well. Whilst I don't reccomend that you copy what other folks out there put, this may give you some good thoughts. We hope these hints have given you theme suggestions for your eBook. As soon as you have chosen to write an eBook and know what the subject is, it's a good idea to get to work.

There' s a range of eBook authoring utilities and packaged softwares, but I keep the whole thing pretty slick. First, I write everything in Open Officer. It is a free of charge Microsoft Windows based Microsoft Windows based Microsoft Windows based Microsoft Windows environment. Once you've written your guidebook, you'll probably want to work on the theme.

There are some pretty good artwork on my eBooks, so they look like genuine natural wares. I don't act like they're more than eBooks; it just looks better. I' d like to begin the first page of an eBook with a different image of the book title and copyrights.

Lots of inbound and outbound eBooks are designed differently, so you should look around before you just follow my own scheme. As soon as you have finished writing your eBook and it looks nice, you should install a payments process. In this way, you can get your travel guides and have them shipped to a customer immediately.

Starting with e-junkie is fast and completely free (7 days test period). After uploading your eBook PDF files to the administration area, you can specify your pricing and then you will be sent a linktype " Buy now ". So you can direct your travel guides to PayPal. As soon as the transaction is accepted, e-junkie sends the eBook to the purchaser without you having to do anything.

With everything in order and the payments engine in order, you'll want to see the ads for your eBook. Unfortunately, the only job of creating an eBook is not enough to give you the advantages we talked about before. You really must support your work.

There are many different ways to market an eBook, but I will still give you my advice here: My goal is always to be completely truthful with you, so the first thing I have to say is that it is much simpler to advertise and resell an eBook if you already have an already existing public.

Wonder if it would be prudent to develop your audiences a little before bringing your first products to market. Problogger's Darren Rowse didn't release an eBook for the site until his fifth year of posting, but he did manage to get an estimate of $450,000 (based on my computations using his published retail sales) out of a $19 item.

It is never too early to bring a drug to market, but it may be too early. Net-working - A few month ago I was attending a London based garage where I was teaching how to give up their work. But I didn't go to study that (I've already resigned my job), but to study how to educate someone, how to resign.

Because I write about my own personality and find it intriguing. Though I didn't go to this garage to make a living, I certainly did meet some guys who have been buying eBooks from me ever since. Associates - out of the $4,500 or so that the eBook made on the date of rollout was around $500 of that amount in associate committees.

So I allow them to advertise the game and if they recommend a sell, I give them 51% of $37, which is $18.87. This is because it's free for me to copy my PDF and I get my stuff in front of someone who wouldn't have known about it.

In order to get subscribers, I like to concentrate on blogs and attract their interest by posting comments on their site on a regular basis or maybe write some articles before throwing anything. OutLoop - The second best monthly ever for Cloud Living is because I recently got a great offLopress.

I' ve been introduced in an essay (picture) in Britain's second largest paper about those who earn their livelihoods on-line. It attracted tens of millions of people to my website and led to much more turnover than before. When you are in pertinent, off-line print media, then this can be a miracle for your on-line purchases.

I know some folks who just make eBooks for the purpose of making cash from the research engines they are currently on. I' ve also met someone who specifically builds eBooks and web sites in a specific area because they can earn a living, not because they know about the area.

When you can find what issues users are looking for on line and ranking in Google's top results with a fix to this issue (your guide), then there is a great deal of cash to earn. I' ve talked in person to someone who makes over $300,000 a year with this approach.

I' d say if I had to guess how many cloud living sells are out there: I'd say: When you can well deduct either of these ways, you are going to have a good chance at making purchases and enjoy the other benefit that having your own products has to offer. What is more, you are going to have a good chance at making purchases and enjoyment of the other benefit that your owning your own product has.

So if you only want to concentrate on one or two, you are definitely working on building your own public and getting a listing of partners who want to advertise your game. I never said anything about the money-back security when I started Cloud Living. It may have boosted selling, but there were only 3 rebates in over 600 buys.

Originally I wanted to bring the item onto the market with a 30-day money-back warranty, but since it sold well with it, I never made the modification. When someone obviously cheats by buying the script and asking for a reimbursement on the same date or something of this kind, then I will try not to give a reimbursement, as it only encourage cheaters to cheat more then.

It is not profitable to accept the possible bad dream of reputational risk assessment for the cost of a book. On a personal level, I like to praise my items around the $27 - $37 range when I work with eBooks. But I know that in the near term, when I build larger items with more functionality, the cost will increase dramatically.

Your eBook's cost should really be whatever you think it's Worth. Obviously, in the ideal case you will want to choose a pricing point that will bring you revenue right from the onset. It is too cheap and you run the danger that your products look inferior and inferior.

Overprice it and you can estrange your audiences with an out-of-reach bar. When it comes to the prices, my tip is simple: see how other folks in the alcove are charging their leaders, for what, and begin with something similar. For me it is better to rate a good too low than too high.

When you rate it too low, then you will at least get sells and may know to raise that. When you overestimate your products and have to lower it, your audiences will realize that your sells are low and you will loose any kind of evidence you may have had.

These guidelines is just my thoughts on how to create a lucrative ebook on-line. Once you have made it this far, I must try to persuade you to sign up for the RSS newsfeeds ( "or get free e-mail updates"). Feel free to write a review below.... which contributions were most fun for the audience, so your review really helps me.

Should you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.....

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