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There is a page on which you can summarize who you are, what you do and how you are different - clear, concise and self-confident. It is where new readers visit to learn more about you and why they should stay nearby (and what's in it for them!). Shall I be grateful or regrettable that my only idea of love is you?

Getting a killer to write a page about me for your blog (Free worksheets!)

I have something important to discuss today: The" About Me Page" on your blogs. The About Page of your blogs will probably become one of the most useful and favorite pages of your blogs. It' where new people are visiting to find out more about you and why they should stay nearby (and what's in it for them!).

Making an A+ About Page takes more than a biography of yourself and the addition of an iPhone picture of your face. When you create an info page, there are several things you should do, and today I will guide you through each of these pages one by one so that you can get the most out of this important page.

Besides, it's difficult to write about yourself. Their info page should be EVERYTHING about the value you give to your readership. Yes, they want to know something about you (we will also go into it), but they also want to know how you will help them. So before you begin to write your About the site, you should be aware of what your diary is useful to your reader and for whom your diary is for.

Cause when the right folks come to our About Page, I want them to know. Obviously, some folks who aren't "entrepreneurs, bloggers,[or] little rock stars in the biz" can just tell you that this site isn't for them. We' re trying to reach the right audience, not #allthepeople. A lot of folks start to talk about themselves when in reality your prospective reader is more interested in how your website will profit or interest them.

What kind of contributions do you write? You got any hot shows you want folks to know about? What makes your blogs credible? Or you can let your reader know that you are still studying, but are happy to sharing things when you do.

All right guys, now you can tell everything about her in your biography! This section is mainly about your lifestyle as it refers to your blogs or your work. That means: Don't divulge 30 accidental facts about yourself and nothing else. Her info page is an interviewee.

Like you wouldn't go to an audition and spit a lot of accidental treats on yourself, you shouldn't create an About Page this way either. Instead, speak about how your blogs fit into your lifestyle - why did you do it? Now it' s okay to add some coincidental, linkable information to this page - I would even encouraged it!

Don't just fill your info page with this kind of information. With most of your letter ready, it's finally decided to pack it into something very important that most folks never include: a call to do. An appeal to act (or CTA) is something that will encourage your reader.... You guess it, act!

This is because you want the individual who reads your About Page to stay with you for the long term. It is also wise to integrate your CTA in several places on your overview page. Much as we would enjoy it if folks could peruse the whole thing, they often jump over the contents or fly over it.

At the top of my over-page I insert a CTA at the top of the page and a CTA picture at the bottom.

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