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The iPad app that encourages creative writing, narration and expression. WorldWrite About This is a visual command prompt and creative platform for classrooms and families! WorldWrite About This is a visual command prompt and creative platform for classrooms and families! The App of the Week is a fantastic teacher-designed app that makes writing fun for students. This app is fantastic.

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1 day write app in the basic levels! Students' continuous commitment with 175 imagery contained, 375 text and voice prompts, OR customise your own imagery. Launch all scripts and see hesitant authors skyrocketing! The Write About This is a design tool that relies on billions of machines in the office to get children to write!

"Top Pick" for primary school typefaces from Common Sense Education! A simple way for college kids to write and post texts, with opinions, narratives, exposés and literary responses! Save your precious valuable precious metal by using 50 secure and well-liked photo catalyzers that support your story, poem, magazine or reflection!

Writers can use their work to include a speech memo to post a personalised written film! Even while you' re working and reworking to hear what it' all about! With the Quick Write badge children can post immediately - great if they have an image and an image (no prompting required)!

Utilize your photographs, your thoughts and your vote to help the pupils write answers about a schoolroom or a lecture, a textbook from the class, a scientific experimentation..... everything! Learners of English profit from speech recordings and reproduction! Whether individual teachers of the iPad, cart, or 1:1...Educators use the app to fulfill their individual needs to motivate pupils and enhance their work!

Find imagery by interest, syllabus, seasons or subject. Children 5 years and older use the app on their own.

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What do college graduates do with their work? In the My Write Abouts section of the app, answers are stored by creator and date. Pre-installed e-mail sharing works for many instructors, but Write Abouts can also be added to Dropbox, Google Drive or any other filesaver by just adding them to the scroll.

Authorships allow pupils to quickly attach their own face and/or name to a text. By returning to work with the same equipment, pupils can further expand their portfolios. You can use Authors Filter to quickly filter between different pupils and adjust the e-mail addresses for each of your friends, if you like!

What about sharing write subscriptions? In the app you can e-mail or upload to the role of the cameraman. You can post your pictures or write subscriptions that you publish with your MP3 (.mp4) to your blog, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Is it possible to ask my pupils? At the moment, the best way to split the picture with them is with Dropbox or another data transmission application, and then they build a custom command line with you.

We' re working hard to make this easy within Write About This. If I only have 1 or a few iPods, how can I use it? Drag-and-drop a command line from the library and let children reply in their notepads.... Take a picture of something from your class to reflect throughout the group.... Let your pupils take turns using pictures from the room and making protests.

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