Write about an important Event in your Life

Describe an important event in your life

Remember your reader how it made you feel. You wrote a story about a day in your life. A few changes are very small and would not affect your life much. This important event that changed my life comes to the United States to study. We' re going to write a custom essay pattern.

Most important event in my life essay example - 799 words

Most important event in my life did not even occur to myself, but to my older one. This is because the things that have been happening to her and the things she has done in the past have had a huge impact on me and my milieu.

Their lives were full of drug dealing, theft and lies. It was during this period that my mom found her diamonds out. Then she had the subconscious impression that Becky knew where they were. Becky just said that she didn't know anything about it, but that wasn't the real thing.

On the next morning I come home, not to find a home with my wife and daughter welcoming me at the front of my house, but to find my father and daughter with some bags in their hand, running to the vehicle. So I ask my mom what's the matter with my older brother and she says, "Yesterday Becky admitted that she's been using smack for a year.

and I went to my room and wept the remainder of the time.

Brief article about an important event in your life

Ever since I was a child I had the great wish to travel in an airplane. As a child I had the wish to travel by plane, and as I got older this wish became stronger and stronger. I' ve often asked my dad to take me on a plane ride.

In fact, it was a great big deal in my life when my dad volunteered to take me to the airfield one of these days for a brief flights in an airplane. Dad bought two of these. Shortly afterwards we arrived at a large airplane, climbing up the stairs and entering. I told the aircraft to leave for Agra at 10:30.

But I was too nervous to think about such things. It took off exactly at 10.30 a.m. For some time it ran on the floor, but after it had gained velocity, it took off in the skies. And I was looking down to see for myself what things were like from that high.

Everything seemed very small. Yamuna was like a small channel. The men who walked the street were like little dwarves. And the tallest ones were like small model clays. It was like a carpet of grass in them. Approximately one hours later, the announcement at the microphone told us that we were nearing Agra.

One more time we were asked to fasten our belt when the airplane crashed. Eventually he hit the floor and things around him were the same as before the jump. When I got off the airplane, I felt very lucky. In fact, it was a joyful moment in my life.

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