Write about a Book you have Read recently

If you' re writing about a book you've read recently.

At Home is one of the books I recently read: Write down a book you have recently read. The IELTS Language Test Part 2: Describe a book you have recently read. Write down a book you have recently read. At Home is one of the recent titles I have read: This is a brief story of the personal life of an writer named Bill Bryson. It' a thick, matter-of-fact book on many different topics.

It' really a compilation of information and stories about our personal life, past and present.

It was the beginning of the author's reflection on the story of everything in his own house. Since it is more of a non-fiction than a novel, it has no storyline as such. Every section of the book deals with the story of a particular room. The section on the cuisine, for example, tells the story of flowing waters, electric power, camping, and so on.

In the section on the bathrooms you can read about the story of sanitary engineering and the private sphere. There is so much interesting information in the book that I think I need to read it again to understand everything. Concerning the kind of person who would love to read it, I think anyone who is interested in story and would like to learn many interesting facts would love to read this book.

It' also appeals to a much occupied human being, as it's a good book to immerse yourself in and out of, since you don't have to listen to a novel like a novel. It can be taken chapters by chapters or even pages by pages, as there is something to be learned on each page.

Every section is like a history, even if it is a non-fiction, so it leads the readers to all kinds of surprising places, and for me it was a true eye-catcher. This book appeals to me because I learnt so much from him, which made me look around with different views and appreciate how far we have come in a hurry in relation to our architectural, technical, illumination, coste?

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