Write a Story Starting with the Sentence

Writing a story that begins with the sentence

Both the opening sentence and the paragraph do not really have to stand out. Nothing to worry about, as most of us do. Several adjectives describe attitudes in a narrative attractive. Writing a first sentence can paralyze even the most famous writers. The opening line should invite the reader to start the story.

These are some really good typesetters for creating

The master story teller he is, Stephen King was so merciful in admitting that a novelist tends to fear the instant he actually starts to write any play - it can be a kind of make-or-break-point. An airborne takeoff sets the standard, all of course positively, while an uncertain takeoff is only a doom.

They may have the whole idea of your story or article in their minds, but when it comes to the very act of writing, enthusiam tends to be a little deflationary. This is a rather odd phenomena, and it would not be incorrect to say that most authors have come across this at some point.

We offer our prospective authors a helpful handful by giving a few examples to get this creative process off the ground, followed by a little inspirational input from the company's team.

Writing a story that starts with a random sentence

Some years ago, in my UBC workshop, we (the class) were asked to write a brief story in which the first sentence of the story is set out and everything begins. After three hours away, I could not participate in this practice and would now like to do exactly the same and encourage everyone to participate.

This kind of exercise is very interesting and fun because nobody will have the same story. It would be very interesting to see what happens to every story. Now I only have the sentence to hopefully inspirit all your thoughts to summon immediate pictures and notions.

It' a quite brief sentence from Anne Rice's book "Memnoch The Devil" page 24, 5. Hopefully enough of you will join me in this practice. First sentence of the story - starting with Dialog - reads as follows: Do you want us to put it up for debate or just like any other story?

It would be better to post it like any other story. In my opinion, it allows a more "stand-alone" feeling to each story - a....kind of...unique level of qualitiy that allows each story to be separate from the others. In my opinion, the "blurb" section could be used to describe what practice it comes from.

This is the same practice we did in our Daniel course. We' were given the initial words, i.e.'will you want to get married to me?....' or'you would never believe who I saw....' etc. All right, here's one to get the game on.

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