Write a Story Online for free

Writing a story online for free

This page offers the possibility to publish your stories online for free. Which qualities do you look for in stories and how can I take my writing skills to the next level? Become a professional author? Come to us for free and "Write Short Stories for Money". A smile can come from your writing.

How can I post my story online for free?

Today's article is an answer to the issue of where we should start posting our story online. There are several ways to get your story published online: Someone else will release it for you, e.g. an e-zine edit. Nowadays there are very large quantities of e-zines and websites that release shorts and many also are paying paid by the pro.

Self-publishing. Publicise your work and make it available online. They retain all copyrights to all works posted on your website and can present them as you wish. They can personalize the look of your website to perfectly fit your story or to express your person.

When you want to build a shop window for your letter, you should consider getting a domainname and creating a website with pros. If you are interested in sharing your story with the aim of getting reader feedbacks etc.... then you should have a look at these pages: Booksie.com This page provides the possibility to publish your story online for free.

StoryWrite.com Once again for free. All poems, tales or other originals you submit to their websites, as well as the right to otherwise display them, remain your property and copyrighted. StoryStar.com A family-friendly site where you can share your story for reading and rating.

Every months they choose a story from each of the categories to give additional appreciation, and the most voice/reader-stories will be also emphasized. Like the others, this site is free of charge. When you want to make some cash from your tales, consider releasing them as e-books.

One of the most common ways to do this is by using a website like lulu.com or Amazon's childle programme to post your work yourself and make it available to the people. Did you post your story online for free?

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