Write a Story about yourself

Make a story about yourself

What's your favorite quality about yourself? Type about it, and if you can, tell a story about it. Work for fifteen minutes and post it in the comments. I' m asking myself all these questions, too. It' s easier to write about blogging techniques than to tell personal stories.


We' ve been spending a great deal of our weeks typing for others. Monday we spoke about how to write for others to encourage you to complete your work. Wednesday we spoke about how to put yourself in the minds of others to make more interesting story. We were discussing a rule last night to always devote our attention to write for the listeners (even if it's just your mother).

Today is Saturday, however, and on Saturdays we are breaking regulations, violating our own basic principals, and we are doing the opposite of what we have been talking about during the course of the weeks. So, today, just to keep things cool, we write about ourselves. What's your favourite part of yourself? Type about it, and if you can, tell a story about it.

It' a story of myself

In the early years of my baby's lifetime, I don't much recall how I never hear or asked my folks, and I have no proof of it, because there are no plays to be proud of as a story of my baby's being.

My second image of my early years, which at some point still affects me, which happens during one of the many celebrations that we have to have according to our customs, is how I became ill and was particularly cared for by the many guests who came to our home for the feast that my folks had.

To this day, the little image I still remember is a ceremony that every man, when he reaches adolescence, and as a tradition in our civilization to this day, has to submit to curtailment. For my part, I underwent my curtailment in a contemporary way, carried out by a Scottish Catholic event list, a Scottish preacher called Canon Eric Scott, a reign of the Anglican.

Pruning begins early in the mornings, when a young child has to steep in the icy water at 4:00 a.m. for about an hour. 2. Afterwards, the young man must be taken home by being carried on the back of an grown-up, because it is said that the young man should not work on the floor before the pruning begins.

Pruning takes place outside the home, at beranda or we call it "Pantey", a large, open room in front of the galley, which is normally used as a place to cure rice or other things. He has to sit on the bananas and the pruning is done by the expert who has the know-how.

When circumcised, the child must lay down with a slate, and the slate is bound to the blanket with a cord and takes the form of a bed net in the mid-light. The young must be subjected to a fixed feeding for about seven consecutive orgasms.

Many guests will come during these seven nights to greet the kid. At the end of the seven day stay, the boy's parent must party for the young man, because from this point on the young man is considered a mature man, although he is still 12 or 13 years old.

The party requires killing a large swine and a doze of chickens, depending on the skills of the familiy business, usually to keep feeding the many guests who have been called in. For me I had no opportunity to sense this because my pruning is done in a contemporary way, where we can walk around free after the pruning without taboos or stringent regulations on foods.

Well, my two older brothers are more fortunate because he's had the knowledge.

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