Write a Short Story using certain words

Writing a short story with specific words

Create a short story based on your favorite song, using the song title as your story. The table describes the three reading levels in relation to the accuracy of the word. Use illustrative examples to show the reader how general terms apply to the individual. Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a short story in just six words. ""For sale: baby shoes, never worn.


Fifty-word mini-stories: Creativity in typing

Years ago, the Daily Telegraph (a well-known and prestigious paper in the UK) held a page-pocket. It was their task to create a history in exactly 50 words: not one more and not one less. It is not simple to do, but it is an interesting practice for any aspiring author to try to focus the spirit as it is on conciseness and clearness of letter.

Only 50 words, there is no room for meanders or useless upholstery! Ever since, people reading many other books have been encouraged to try similar write styles, such as the UK refectory journal, in which one of my endeavours - "What's an Alien?

If you like, add the words (there is some space for hyphens!). A few are supposed to be serious commentaries on mankind, others are funny, and one is just an effort to bring as many Beatles songs into one game. He and Marge enjoyed adventures in culture; seeing foreigners, making acquaintances.

"Deadly Encounter with a Showers Head" To mysopic eye, the showers heads looked like a ready to hit a mob. Ice-cold poison from the showers. He had one handed to the faucet and turned quickly. "and nourished me with my mother's loving nature. My friend looked me in the eye with great affection and yelled "Yes" to my suggestion.

My kids would laugh and squeeze my hands with loving and needed me so much. My dearly beloved my dear ones grieved for my death. That'?s my dear. "A smart man has studied all his days and learned everything about everything. Some silly man has lived his whole lifetime giving it, no schooling. He was a man of genius who passed away alone, wealthy and renowned.

That silly man passed away amidst a bunch of mates. There was nothing important about the smart man. Every time I write, my beloved one. "The Beatles are fun (17 song titles in 50 words)" "Hey Jude. "50 words?! 50 words! "But fifty words - no more, no less - it's not that simple. "Maurice Computer Dating" used to love his computer and cyberdating.

Thorough and consequential, he spends month evaluating each of a thousand respondents by comparing Virtue and Weakness, composing several hundred e-mails and analyzing their responses.

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