Write a Short Story using certain words

Writing a short story with specific words

I' m teaching an online course on writing legal and courtroom scenes. The difference to writing in general is that the children's writing arena is divided into certain age groups. Make a story that contains these words or phrases: picnic, poison ivy, campfire. I' m very fond of these stories. Tom's writing a short story.

WOW: Make a short story with these words

Please check our new website and give us your invaluable feed-back before you check the command prompts for this week-end. By the time the tsunami sets in this week-end, we will be able to talk about the many things that the wet seasons will bring. First rain is certainly a change of atmosphere. You can see the warm up of the cloud and the scent of the first rainfall on arid soil reminiscent of many things.

WOW prompts you to'Write a brief history with the following words - rain, clouds, mud, kiss, smell'. Paste these words into your blog posts and highlight them highlighted in black. Like always, you have until Sunday morning to tell your tale and get a shot at winning the WOW medal. Please incorporate the line of reference below into your contribution.

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Does a word for story in or under 250 signs (almost 50 words)?

Microfiction or briefly (up to 100 words): The very abridged history is often hard to read and even more hard to understand, but the microfiction market has become more and more populated in recent times: Flash-friction ((100 - 1,000 words): It is the kind of brief that you would find in a high-gloss mag that is often used to create a page of fast romanticism (or fast humour, in men's magazines).

In essence, it is a short and concise novella. From only two to a thousand words. Today, many of Diaspora's on-line writers deal with this kind of notion. To some fifty to a hundred words of history have been referred to as fictional micro, while some think flashy or abrupt diction should contain more than 100 words of at-least.

In essence, flashy fun is an overarching concept for fun that is not too many words. In summary, the inks in the pens end up on a piece of hard copy in just a few words. Enough to finish a tale? Or is it flashy or mike or sudden diction?

There is nothing I know about a certain word or phrase derived from this number of characters, but there is a certain name for a story with exactly 100 words: draw.

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