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I learned that it was her younger sister's idea to paint her kits like this. In my opinion, there are two ways to approach each piece of writing. There are a few things you need to have before you write your short story:. Paul McVeigh, author of The Good Son, compares. Every form has its own challenges.

Their tales

Everybody has a story to tell! This is where we give you the chance to exchange your experience and thoughts......so that you can tell us your story. I had the honour of judging the Irish Country Womans' Association's short story contest a few years ago. Indeed, I was judging for two years and was overwhelmed by the submissions.

It felt to me that the tales are an important chronicle of Irish living and must be upheld. In the last 80 years, indeed in the last 10 years, Ireland has experienced drastic changes in society - it has affected different peoples in different ways, and here we are hoping that you will divide your experience by the words you use.

However, our "Tell Your Own Story" section is not only for Irishmen who live in Ireland, but also for Irishmen who live all over the globe, for all those who have an irish link - tell us your story about your family's past and present migration, about getting used to a new civilization, the ups and downs of your own lives.

So how did you achieve your objectives? Sharing your story with other authors. In this section you will learn about vivid story, your past and fifty years old memory. We' re looking forward to your remembrances. So what do you recall your schooldays?

So what was the most tragic thing that happened in your whole lifetime? Sharing your memory and helping to create the National Folklore Collection, which reflects Ireland's way of live wherever they live. Please review the entry guidelines before submitting. On your entry you must also confirm that you have carefully checked and understand the copyright notice.

As we cannot have long contributions or the first few sections of your text, please be as accurate as possible.

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