Write a Report on the Book you have Read recently

Make a report about the recently read book

Write down a book you have recently read. I've only read Premchand's novels about Hindi literature. I'm writing to you about the last book I read recently. - what book you read. - what it was all about.

Write down a book you have recently read.

This is a matter from the second part of the IELTS, also known as the "long answer". You will be presented with a ýCue Cardý and then have one moment to take a note before you do. As always, there are many different ways to formulate this, so you can't just remember one response.

If you have asked me something like "Describe your favorite book" or "Describe a book you read in your childhood", but today I will ask you a more general one. Write down a book you have recently read. They should say: and tell whether it is a good book or not. Obviously, as we have already said, you should not write too much.

Just think about it - you only have one moment! Don't write down phrases or you'll only have ten or twenty seconds to talk. Instead, write the idea you want to debate or the lexicon you need. Of course, in this case we have to think about the book itself first.

There does not have to be an Anglophone book, but you must be able to give the Anglophone book its name. If it was created by an English-language writer, you must also be able to say his name. In China, many well-known foreign nationals have got or at least their name has been adjusted to make it easy for them to say, and they seem strange to an Englishman.

You will then have to think about the assignments and take note so that you do not miss any part of them. The first thing we need to discuss is, according to the queue map, the "kind" of the book. Was it a nightmare novel or a coming-of-age comedy?

Beyond that, consider whether you can continue to debate the book in relation to jargon - is it exciting? This is some good words you should write down for a moment. If you are speaking about the story of a movie or book, you can use the present simply or the past simply.

What is important about IELTS talking part 2 is that you actually respond to all parts of the questions, and that you do it in 1 to 2 mins. You can therefore discuss the proposals of the CueCard either first or last. Here is my response to the above mentioned one.

I recently read a novel entitled Before the Fall by Noah Hawley, who is the author of several of the most famous television shows. It' s difficult to give the book because it' a rather uncommon book, but to a certain extent it is both a tragedy and a mistery. It' about a airplane accident.

That happens at the beginning of the book, and then we get the background stories of the folks who were on the airplane. But when the book evolves, the enigma comes into the book because too many accidents are shown to us. It also describes the relation between a man and a young man who survived the fall, and that gives the whole thing its own special meaning.

I' ve really loved this book. I usually read non-fiction, but in this case I was drawn to Before the Fall because I really liked the author's television work and I was interested in how he would deal with a novel. He was an outstanding author because of his capacity to tell a good tale.

Here is my record of the example response. In the beginning I quickly replied to the "Who has written it" and "What a book" parts and spend more of my spare minute with the story and my response to the book. It is important that you consider when you plan that some parts of the issue are just not possible to discuss so much.

It is a report verse that is used in slightly more or less the same language as "narrated".

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