Write a novel in a Week

Writing a novel in a week

Allow me to answer with an obvious question: what on earth made you think you could write a novel in a week? I was able to write a book in a week without any problems when I was younger. Notice all the gum and the Red Bulls. A four-hour week falls within this range. Then," I waved my own hand to the book she was holding, "voila!

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The novelist James Maxey, who wrote a number of succesful shorts and the dragon era triology of fiction, has set himself a target of 10,000 words a week. Recently, however, he realized that all of a sudden and unannounced he had a whole full working period, and he wondered if he would be able to write 10,000 words a days for that while.

It should be possible to complete a whole novel for a whole weekend. PlanningĀ a continuation of his super hero novel Nobody Gets the Girl (Phobos Books, 2003; available in softcover and for Kindle), Maxey created a design inspired by his years of experience and autobiased himself.

Around 4:00 a.m. on August 8, he began to write. For little more than halting nourishment and sleeping, he pressed harder and finished the work in a first 58,829-word draught on August 14 at about a quarter to three in the afternoon, with more than 13 lessons to save. The name of his novel is Burn Baby Burn.

Allow me to answer with an evident question: what on earth made you think you could start writing a novel in a single sabotage? From the Pulpa period, I knew that thrillers and adventurous novelists often published several brief stories a mont. Moorcock claimed to have authored some of his Elric stories in a whole letter period, and I was told that Jim Thompson was writing The Grifters one Saturday (although I tried to find this fact on Google this mornings and couldn't find it, so maybe I was working under a wrong assumption!

I have a daily work, like most authors. Most of my letter is written in theft. Once in the area, I can make about 1000 words in an hours work. When I got home from work, I was too burnt out to immediately sat down and wrote. When I feel like myself again and go to work in the evenings, exactly at the moment when I feel warm, it is bedtime, because I have to get up at 5:30 in the mornings to hit the watch again.

Suppose I hit the watch to get a pen? Can I put my ass on a seat and let it stay there eight-hour days? But it' s not often that I have a free days when I have eight lessons. Well, most of the week, I only get about 10 in.

Then in a surprise turn, my employers told me they would close my desk for a whole weekend to wire up the house for new devices. All of a sudden I had a whole working weekend where I was at home all afternoon while my fiancee and all my boyfriends were at work.

Having fantasized for the last twenty years how much I could do if I wasn't hired, it was all of a sudden that it was finally decided to find out if I had what it took to be able to do it in a whole weekend, or if I had been mistaken all along. A possibility I found was that the recordings I made of the number of words I produced per week showed a downward tendency.

Most of my last novel I was writing, Hush, when my lack of thyroids was at its worse, I felt as if I had run a leaden-booted run. I had in my head a novel that I had wanted to create for years, but not because I thought I couldn't put it up for sale.

However, the publisher community has been turned upside down by e-books, and now I can type what I want to type, sure enough in the awareness that I can get it to my readership about Kindle and Nook. To know that what I am creating will definitely see pressure (or at least pixels) is an enormously motivating factor.

I' ve written a very clumsy section, which was also quite brief, but still took me a few lessons to do. It was worrying that I had hit a point where yields were going down, and resuming it could actually wreck the script if I kept rolling out poor sections. I' had said I'd be finishing a novel there in a weeks time, on Facebook and in the codex.

Well, mainly to prevent embarrassing, I continued to write on Thursday mornings. Not as much board playing as I did on Monday-Wednesday when I was stuck on the computer. If I hadn't been so open with my aim, I think the Temptation to stop after I wrote 30,000 words for this weeks would have been hard to overpower.

I had never wrote so much in one sabbatical. I would have been very happy to call it a victory and end the remainder of the volume before the end of the months with my old tenk words per wee. In comparison to the titles you have been writing at your accustomed rate, how do you think the volume has come out?

Because of the script, there are only three point-of-view figures. By contrast, my Bitterwood stories all have at least a tens of points of views and more side stories than I can number. It' the kind of novel I ate as a teenage boy on a lone sundown.

But on the other side, this novel is not mentally crammed with empty chicks. And I think I can get to those thoughts and those real emotions of catherarsis. It is a very proud work that I can hardly await to get into the reader in.

Alternatively, you can find James Maxey's contribution "Five Tips for Composing a Novel in a Week" here. "He is planning to publish a definitive glossy copy for Kindle in October. Writers of the Future, whose literature and non-fiction books have also been published in Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons, Abyss & Apex and elsewhere, has won Luc Reid.

He is the creator of the Codex online group of authors; he is the writer of Talkthe Talk: In the Slang of 65 African Subcultures (Writers Digest Books, 2006); and a former broadcaster. He' s blogging about the typing and psycology of customs at LucReid.com and his eBook The Mystique: The Mystique: The Writing-Engine: The Mystique: The Writing-Engine: The Mystic: The Writing-Engine: The Mysticism: The Writing-Engine: The Mysticism: The Writing-Engine: The Writing-Engine: Practical guidelines on motivating people to write are available on his website as PDF downloads (free of charge) and for Kindle.

The latest novel, also available to the Kindle, is a novel about Vermont's hick magic Family Skulls.

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