Write a novel in a Week

Writing a novel in a week

A week in #NaNoWriMo and I'm almost on course. And, no, it wasn't for a children's picture book. This workshop will take you through the steps of writing a book, including learning effective writing techniques and of course completing your first draft. If, like most authors, you are, you need to adapt writing around other responsibilities and goals. Getting older, called in sick and tried to edit something.

Can it be written in a novel in a whole fortnight?

Isn' t it likely or even far from likely that what you say will be good.... I would say no. Stephen King is famous for his 72-hour book, The Running Man, written as Richard Bachman. However, Stephen King, one of the most productive authors of our times, writes with his craziest son.

It took me three month to finish my script. After two years of thinking, preparing and scribbling. It took another four years for me, my editor and my agents, to get it out there. Maybe I'm just a little sluggish, though. One novel can have between 50,000 and 150,000 words (from slender to bold; not taking into account the ultra-slender or super-bold).

Let's say you're targeting 50,000 words in a fortnight. When the novel in your mind is finished and just needs tapping, that's nothing. You' ll make it in 7 hrs even at a slower writing speed of 1000 words per hr. After all, a novel is like eating.

There is a certain pleasure in a meal that has gone through marinating, preparing, slowly boiling, relaxing, etc..

Write a novel in one week

I' ve completed my first 2017 volume last Thursday and it took only a week....and 26 of them. The ones of us who have a daily routine work 40 lessons a week. Well, that's a good thing. We' re having one and a half o'clock midday, working eight out of the three. When we work a normal Monday to Friday, we work 40 lessons per week. If we work a normal Monday to Friday, we work 40 lessons per month.

Well, I'm not sure about your work, but mine's quite accurate. When I show up at 7:00 a.m. (I actually work a 9/80 timetable, where I get free every other Friday, but I have to work 9-hour days) and I am supposed to work. There is no room for "I don't want to" or "I have writer's blocks in this Jan.

I' m working in about five mins after I walk through the front porch. I work five workdays on most of my week's work. On the line somewhere we literary experts have put it into our minds that it is not a proper profession to invent things that earn a livelihood. I found out a little about myself in the first 26 of January. a few week ago.

It is also good to see that the numbers accumulate over the years. In one of my pillars was "Time (cumulative)", in which the daily paperwork is added up. Considered this way, it is just a row of numbers in increasing order. These are the dates for the first six trading dates in January:

The number of this columne reaches up to 36.03 hrs, which I reached on Thursday mornings. When you visualize your daily task as an 8-hour working days, then when you have reached a maximum of 8 working hour, you have worked a "Monday". If you have reached 16hrs, you have worked through "Tuesday". Mathematics works until "Friday" and 40 lessons.

One big reservation: words that are spelled per lesson. I' ve only got an lesson a weekday to spend on week days, a little more on the weekend. I' ve got to be effective in my typing lessons. Chances are that my total word-count per hr would reduce if I actually worked eight consecutive hrs just, but if it's an hr at a stretch, I can fling, especially if the rifles are flaring and Carter has to get out of junk.

However, even if my number of words had fallen to 1,000 words per lesson, I could still work out a 40,000-word novel - enough for the Westerners back then in a letter. It' s not hard to push the concept of working as a full-time author and the amount of work that could be done if the restrictions of another day's work were not in the way.

It'?s insane to have one copy a weeks! It is not only the bodily aspects that would take a tribute, but also the psychological exercise, which publishes a new volume every weekend, could turn out to be too much. Mr Randisi sets out his working days in an earlier report just released this weekend. It' unbelievable, but he does it every single one.

A few have the possibility to do this full-time. Others, like me, have to wait our times as they prepare for this. I realised for a whole months in January 2017 that I could start writing a volume in a whole months and maybe, just maybe, if I had the chance - or an appointment - I could do it in a whole fortnight.

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