Write a novel in a Week

Writing a novel in a week

A week in #NaNoWriMo and I'm almost on course. And, no, it wasn't for a children's picture book. Interested in writing fiction? This workshop will take you through the steps of writing a book, including learning effective writing techniques and of course completing your first draft. If, like most authors, you are, you need to adapt writing around other responsibilities and goals.

Can you write a novel in a week?

Isn' t it likely or even far from likely that what you write will be good.... I would say no. Stephen King is famous for his 72-hour book, The Running Man, written as Richard Bachman. However, that's when Stephen King, one of the most productive authors of our times, writes with his craziest son.

It took me three month to write my own script. After two years of thinking, preparing and scribbling. It took another four years for me, my editor and my agents, to get it out there. Maybe I'm just a little sluggish, though. One novel can have between 50,000 and 150,000 words (from slender to bold; not taking into account the ultra-slender or super-bold).

Let's say you're targeting 50,000 words in a week. When the novel in your mind is finished and just needs tapping, that's nothing. You' ll make it in 7 hrs even at a slower writing speed of 1000 words per hr. After all, a novel is like eating.

There is a certain pleasure in a meal that has gone through marinating, preparing, slowly boiling, relaxing etc..

Writing a novel in 2 wks.

From today it is only 47 working day until the start of NaNoWriMo 2011. When you are not acquainted with NaNoWriMo, it is the one season when authors hide everywhere and write 50,000 words for 30 whole nights. What if you're willing to start now? You may be new to almost draft (I was until yesterday), so let me explain:

Compiled by the author and schoolteacher, Candace Haven, Almost Drafting is when you write a literal whole novel in the range of 2 week! That is 14 and 336 hrs in all. Suzanne Pitner, the author, says that the assumption is simple: To do this, you need to open the inner edit box and tap the keypad asap.

In essence, almost drafting is NaNoWriMo on speed. If this is the first time you are reading that almost drafting will require you to write 5,000 words/20 pages per days, I'll wager that your maxilla has fallen a little (mine too). There' s no room here for an excuse, just for a letter. She provided her hints for quicker typing in the How To Write Focus and REACH Word Count Goals story.

Using a recorder for "block writing" is really the best way to write with concentration every single second. The Pomodoro technique can also be used if you have a large notepad write area. Have" verbal wars" with other authors - assemble a group of the most courageous authors you know and test each other to see who can write more words most quickly during a given spec.

You ever take such a mad job? If you are willing to get serious about the topic of NunoWriMo this year, please keep up this year. I will announce my new programme next week for serious authors who want to prepare a National No WriMo road map before November 1st. Ms. Henning is a co-founder of the Better Wiring Habits challenge.

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