Write a Book Review of any Book

Do a book review of each book

Book review is a critical analysis of a published work that assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the work. Celebrity reviewers can have a big influence on the reception of a book. While reading the review or preparing for it, ask yourself the following questions:. Please note all interesting circumstances that led to the writing of the book. Leave a book review, please.

Tips for exams: What is the best way to write a film or book review for an English language test?

I' m also a free-lance author who has written several books. While not all English as a second level test can write a movie or book review, the Cambridge First Certificate and Proficiency tests do, so it is necessary to know how to write one. One of the advantages of reviewing is that most college graduates have access to their most recent recollections of the topic.

Many of us enjoy reading and/or watching films. Moreover, it is not hard to write ratings if you keep an eye on a few policies. First, you have to decide which movie or book you want to write about, and the most important thing is not how much you liked the movie, but how well you like it.

Reviews can be upbeat, downbeat or evenly matched; what you think about the movie or the book is entirely up to you and does not affect your music. Unless the query specifically asks you to write about something you like or dislike, in which case you should do whatever the query says.

In general, a review can be subdivided into four sections. In the case of a book, this would contain the name, the author and the kind - i.e. novel, history library, autobiography, memoirs. In a movie, you would specify the name, the name of the movie, the name of the movie's creator or producers, possibly the leading characters, and again the general kind - actions, romanticism, comedy, sci-fi or whatever.

Of course, you cannot specify every detail, since you usually write with a single wordline delimit. A lot of folks are reading book and review before watching the movie. The third section allows you to write about anything that the book or movie has to offer. You can, for example, annotate the author's book styles.

One could say for a movie the qualities of the actors or the screenplay or the photography as well as the soundtrack. As a result, you would summarize your opinions about the book or movie and then say if and for whom you would suggest it. So as I said, a movie or a book review is pretty easy to write, and if you obey these rules, it's a good option for all of you avid readers and movie fans.

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