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You can create your own beautiful book with our unique online book editor. There is a huge database of writing articles. That was much better, and I am now free to write the next book. Another website that has not yet been mentioned is an online writing application Sweek. Register and create free eBooks in the cloud.

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The free eBook and PDF creation software reduces the effort of creating eBooks and PDF files for printing. Get a neat and full-featured image that' s easy to publish in just a few easy clicks. It' completely free! Exports your books as ePub for eBooks or as PDF for paperback.

Any ePub book produced in Write is checked to ensure that it is approved by the bookshops. Special editors for comics, cookbooks, poetry, etc.

Light it: What can you do to get a million people to write their own e-book?

She was enthusiastic when she first sent the novel - a fast-paced suspense story with a former Los Angeles-based liturgical musician. I have been working as a free-lance author for 20 years for papers and journals, wrote two biographical books and my first novel was on sale all over the word.

However, no publishers felt that they wanted to take the chance with the new work. The Kindle UK Retail store offers around 650,000 items for purchase and another million free downloads. By the way, you don't need a Kindle to view Kindle literature - you can get the free Kindle application and view it on your computer, Mac, iPhone, iPad and a number of Android enabled products.

The self-released writer was surrounded for years by a hint of failures. Refusals from the publisher would mean that authors would have to foot the bill for the publication of their works, and after much trouble the results tend to look chintz. Kindle has revolutionized the publisher community by enabling and enhancing a number of so-called independent authors.

Meanwhile, there are an estimate of 700,000 e-publishing writers around the world. The Basement's UK writer Stephen Leather, who currently ranks third in the Kindle Retail Stores, has distributed nearly 400,000 e-books since its self-publication began last November. In less than a year, Saffina Desforges - the pseudonym of Saffi Griffiths and Mark Williams - sells 100,000 copies, while Mark Edwards and Louise Voss - including Killing Cupid and your deal catches - have moved 90,000 e-books.

With my eponymous guide as a kind of virtual piggy I chose to find out how simple it is to write a Kindle story. It may be relatively simple to write electronically, but it is certainly not to write a novel. The big issue with the exploding e-publishing industry is that the overwhelming bulk of textbooks that are themselves released are simply horrible - poorly spelled, poorly processed, poorly formatted," says former editor Stephen Leather.

It' s a good idea to think about the kind of books you want to be. The Kindle style seems to be particularly suitable for novels-especially detective stories, fantasies, paranormal stories and chick-lit. It could be because enthusiasts of these styles have a tendency to do more reading than the general reader," says Leather.

I think this may be because the Kindle learning curve is most similar to the Kindle learning curve of scanning a popular pocketbook - the reader uses his or her Kindles for simple, straightforward readings," says mag. Like in all writings, it is rewarding to read other people's work. In case you do not want to buy the full version, just try downloading an example - usually the first few sections for free.

There are currently about ten winning writers who only write for themselves, and many of the top selling titles are rather fast, speedy reading times. As soon as you have finished writing your textbook, you must check it for errors. Leder was reading a self-published novel in which the bad guy was described as'roofless' rather than'reckless'.

He' s paying 350 to a pro for each picture, while Saffina Desforges puts 320 aside per copy. You will need to enter a descriptive text that Amazon says can contain between 30 and 4,000 words before uploading your work. Next thing I knew, I was making the whole thing work.

Mark-edwards. If you are an unfamiliar author, your primary aim should be to find a reader, not to make money," he says. Having five ledgers available at the same timeframe is probably the best thing I've done," says John Locke. First, you need to identify your audiences, a readership that you know they would like your work.

You can have the biggest album in the whole wide universe, but if you can't find a way to bring it to an audiences, nothing else is important," he says. As he releases a new volume, Locke e-mails his supporters and asks them to distribute it.

In a few short get-togethers, the volume will be in the Top 100. Conventional medias are also good for the distribution of your books - ask your regional paper if they want to conduct an interviewerial. Willams and Griffiths have accumulated 15,000 between them from a books as Mark Edwards, along with his writer partners, has acquired £20,000, almost everything from that since June of this year.

Amanda Hocking (an US e-book writer renowned for her young teenage psychic romances) has written nearly a million copies and is asking for $2.99, so she must have made over $1 million already," Edwards says. It takes a long perseverance to make a million pounds. Fifty years later, you can get all my self-published e-book, Vegas Moon, onto your Kindle for the same amount.

The web allows me to offer my e-books for one in ten of the prize of well-known writers - a good business for them. There was no good enough excuse for a publishing company to take over an unfamiliar writer without previous knowledge or without selling it. So, from the very first morning, I chose to promote the book myself.

Quick, airy fiction you want to take on vacation or just enjoy after a strenuous workday. I' ve purchased on-line magazines, booked a trailer in cinemas and employed a journalist for 1,500 per month for three mont. Refusing to give Saving Rachel - my third novel which will be published in two week's time - the title'Editor's Choice' because I didn't want to give them an extra 1,750 for processing, I cancelled our relation and repurchased the copyrights to my work.

Over a year of my years and more than 25,000 pounds spent, I found I sold 50 accounts a months, at 21p pay per sell. Her passion for my book was off the chart. People were buzzing that I might be the first self-published writer who beat a million hits on Kindle.

The Saving Rachel was the first self-published volume in the story to reach number one on Amazon/Kindle's bestseller list. Publishers have been the only way from writer to readership for centuries, and self-published writers have been mocked. It is not the self-published writers who are winning in this courageous new age, but the readers.

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