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You can upload your files and use our free online tools. (.required). inklewriter is a free tool that allows anyone to write and publish interactive stories. Their Let Me Write A Book!

by Jamie Curry. Where are some great online tools that are free? Publish your book for free on Amazon.com.

Her place to write. Complimentary online writing application and pen pal platform. - recluse

The Hermit is a personal, confidential authoring tool for anyone who enjoys typing, from a critic to a prospective author. It' an on-line log that keeps all your personal and secret thoughts safely, a reflecting log where you can keep a note of all your feelings and your experiences, or maybe even an endless piece of electronic vellum for the novel you've always wanted to do!

Everything of your activities and contents that are saved on Hermit's server are completely encoded - so everything remains safe from inside and outside. In combination with our auto-save function, everything you enter is saved on Hermit's server so that you do not loose any information. The Hermit breaks down all levels of complexness and offers a nice, minimalist design to optimise your typing feel.

Hermit's Library is the ideal place to make your fonts public. They can be easily accessed on their telephones or computer in a nice, contemporary design. The Hermit user can choose the text they like to rate and encourages future writers. Would you like to know how many readers have seen your work?

The Hermit is a very versatile plattform with customers from over 160 countries. If you get a pen-pal you have to give 12 before you can view it. There' s a great deal of commotion about having a Pen-Pal. Apart from your user name and the countries you come from, your Pen-Pal will know nothing about you.

You have full command of your private sphere.

27 Resources, tools and tips for self-publishing your next book

However, with literally a hundred daily publications, it's more important than ever to make sure your self-published work sets itself apart from the masses. Whether creating your manuscripts on hard copy, editing for release, sales and sales, or sales and distribution, these tools will help you every steptep. Web sites and blogging, general self-publishing classes and tools kits, authoring, formats and designs, coverage designs, sales and sales.

ALLi is an member fellowship for self-editing writers. From $75 per year, multilevel memberships provide an extensive global database of writers and consultants, discussion boards, on-line tutorials, guidelines, a list of self-publishing resources, and more. Barrie Davenport, Steve Scott and Ron Clendenin are best-selling writers and mastermind.

The Authority Self-Publishing Podscast shows you how to expand your authoring platforms, promote your titles and create a self-publishing franchise. Featuring a variety of manuals, tips, models and tools, The Buch Designer is the ideal place to navigate through the publisher's work. It is Joel Friedlander's belief that any writer can make a difference - all he has to do is publish his work!

He will show you how to do it with his extensive knowledge of designing books and advertisements. You don't know where to begin? See Friedlander's A Self-Publisher's Company for Words of Knowledge. Who' s to say you can't make a living with engineering pen? Chances are you're an authority on something, and Nathan Barry wants to help you write a handbook on your own work.

From $179, the authority packs contain a 160-page tutorial, videos, video-interiews, and other material to help you create your own books and a fan base. Chandler Bolt, a bestselling writer and businessman, thinks everyone can do it - even if you don't have much of your own recording skills or writer's work.

The Self-Publishing Success Summit offers $297 in prize money for more than 35 in-depth in-depth in-depth talks and inside scoops on typing, monetisation and promotion. Or maybe you'd like the free self-publishing school where Bolt shows you how to get from the initial concept to the finished work. Included in this pack are guidelines for product promotion, bidding, fellowship development and interviewing top journalists.

The Scrivener is a high-performance authoring utility that will help you organise your research and make long files easy to organise. It is the text editor that was developed especially for authors - although it has a sharp uptake. Once you've finished typing, you can upload your work in ready-made ePub, Kindle, iBooks and more file-types.

The Scrivener is the key to the great popularity of many writers. However, the program can be difficult to understand and get used to - and because it has so many functions, most writers definitely don't take full benefit of the program. In these free e-books, Joanna Penn gets in deep on the typing and self-publishing processes from beginning to end.

You will also be taught how to format, distribute and market your books to make them a full hit. Convert function recognizes the library tree and has an integrated editors in which you can view your changes in real world. The Calibre is free, open-sourced and available for both Windows and OS X.

With this free application for OS and OS XX, it's simple to make a fantastic-looking work. Pressbooks don't need to know anything about the world of press art to make a beautiful work. It is an on-line authoring tool that has been designed for all kinds of literature, from fiction and memoir to whitepapers and schoolbooks. If you' re good to go, Pressbooks delivers cutting-edge file formats for all important e-book formats, along with print-ready file formats for printing via CreateSpace and IngramSpark.

They can use the free watermarking for Pressbooks in your books, or paid to strip watermarking that start at $19. 99 per work. Citylib is a one-stop-shop for writing, publishing and selling your books. This free on-line application lets you design and manipulate your contents, select from a range of nice topics and start downloading ready-made data for all the main plattforms.

Streetlib can publish your books on any platform of your choice - in this case Streetlib will receive 10 per cent of every paid album. With Vellum, you can shine the look of your books and prepare them for release. Just up-load your files and use the Books Styles function to create a matching collection of typefaces and decorations.

Then, view and print your books for all important eBooks sites iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Google Play. Specifically, Joel Friedlander (from The Buch Designer, above ) will take charge of the most important things - such as type and common within the trade - so you can insert your own text and be prepared to work with a professional-looking work.

99Designs allows you to select the right cover for your books from a range of individually created artwork. Fill out a survey first so that the designer can get an impression of what you are looking for. Bundles begin at $299, with more costly bundles that guarantee more design choices and more experienced designer.

It gives you everything you need to make a nice jacket: There is no need for any knowledge of layout to make a one-of-a-kind jacket for your work! Self-pubbook covers.com has a large choice of ready-made books, which you can adapt and immediately down load. When you buy a dust jacket, it is never resold, making your books inimitable.

Coverage starts at $69. Do you want to buy more titles? Krukal knows that it will take a town to get your self-published work underway. Join is free, and there is an optional $149 per year subscription. Consider a page from best-selling writer Mark Dawson, who has expanded his listing and sold more titles with the help of Facebook ads.

Search for the next round of registering for Facebook Ads for Authors. Meanwhile, take a look at Dawson's free minicourse entitled List Building for Authors. After selling ten thousand of his own publications and making it into the top ten of Amazon's bestsellers lists, Martin Crosbie is an Amazon hit.

Crosbie shared the mysteries of his popularity in his website and eBooks on Amazon's Kindle, How I Pay 30,000. I' m going to need you to write. This is a publication in which the independents Sean Platt, Johnny Truant and David Wright shared their "hapless" mysteries of the sale of books. You take a trade approach and believe that when you begin to think of your product as a commerce, you are a self-publishing happening in no case.

It' s difficult to know which sales team is right for you - and whether it offers the best client experiences. $5. 99 from the Alliance of Independent Authors Review and Compare All Player Self-Publishing, such as Kindle, Createspace, Autor Solutions, Lulu, IngramSpark, Apple iBooks and more.

It is an incumbent resource for writers who want to market directly to their audience on their own platform. Create your bankroll, add your item to E-Junkie and place a basket wherever you want to be. Author pays a one-month membership, according to the number of items you have.

Providing a neat, customisable plattform to market your own personalized, electronic and tangible goods, Gumroad is a new favourite among self-published writers who want to market directly. Get your books distributed easily with draft2digit. Open an eBook online, add your own books, select a selling location and add a new one. We work with many large booksellers such as Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Scribd and CreateSpace.

All about your books and marketing platform is in one place with Copy2Digital. Although there are no setup or legal fees, when you buy a copy of your books, you keep about 10 per cent of the sale value. If you are the world's biggest independent e-book retailer, you can use several authoring communities with smash words by uploading your books and immediately starting sale at more than 20 e-booksellers.

Writers have full price, branding and sample management controls, and SmartWords provides free merchandising and distribution report utilities to help you get the most out of your introduction. Smshwords is free and is only payed when your work is sold.

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