Write a Book Online and Publish it for free

You can write a book online and publish it for free.

Plan, write and prepare for publication. In today's Internet-prone world, a great way to do so is to write and sell an ebook. We will help you to introduce your writing to the world. It is free and easy to publish your book yourself: I have free ePub converters online, but I haven't used them, so I can't talk to their quality.

Making $2,000 by self-publishing an ebook on Amazon

While living in Colorado, I took a short breather from mountain exploration to write a small e-book on ultra-light rucksack tours. In a few get-togethers, I would write what is possible when you write about a topic you know and like, and then publish it on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Plattform (KDP), along with a few other e-books I had already made.

Once I had a book printed for $850 myself, I liked the zero costs approach. I soon earned up to $350 a months at KDP without advertising, and about a third of that comes from the backpack book. Altough vendors have now slowered, in toto I have made nearly $2,000 from my little Kindle e-book about ultra-light backing packing and thousands more on the other books. What's more, I've made a lot of money.

Would you like to publish your book on the Kindle website? It' free and you could even make some cash. There is no need to write a book in a fortnight, although it may not be as hard as you think, considering that many e-books are as brief as 6,000 words or are made up of a compilation of previously authored papers.

Be it a fortnight or a year to write your book, concentrate on getting the best out of it. So get yourself prepared for publication. Detailed all the tech specs of the publication making processes may tempt some people to sit on their hands. Rather, we take an outline of the entire review and show some good sources for information about the Kindle release, covering various issues in detail.

But, believe me, if I could find out in an afternoons or two, you can too - after ten years of making a livelihood online, I still don't own a smart phone and I'm having trouble downloading them. Actual testing comes when you are uploading your files and checking them in the Kindle Previewer.

Read the whole book. I had my woman do some of my artwork, and I had Fiverr do some of my nicely for $15 on some of my work. If you have an artwork you can work with, Amazon even offers a free artwork creation utility. You also need to choose whether to select your e-book exclusively for Amazon Kindle through their KDP programme.

You may also want to publish your book through other sources (see below for more information). You' re likely to want to cost your book between $2.99 and $9.99. Amazon will pay a license fee of 70% for selling in most jurisdictions. For example, at a cost of $16. 00 make $5. 60 (35%), but if you book cost you at $9. 99, you will be paid $6. 99 per sell (70%).

But the best bargain point for small volumes is often right at $2. 99, where you get a donation of $2. 09 per sell - which isn't poor, that for every $19. 95 sold my printed book in outlandish ways to make cash, my editor just is paying me $1. 50 (and that's normal).

In contrast to the authors' imagination, a book does not just go on selling itself. It' tense that electronic communication are casual to get before possibility consumer than estate product, but I consider myself golden to person ready-made respectable medium of exchange and photograph person financial gain all time period (day though it was single $104 end time period).

Luckily, there is a great deal of good information on selling Kindle textbooks online. In" How I Sell 1 Million eBooks in 5 Month! "John Locke acknowledges that his Kindle murders were so triumphant because he's more of a commercializer than an auteur. Undisclosed in this book is the fact that Locke has been paying for 300 book-readings.

Luckily, there are other ways to improve your book in the ranking. So if you don't decide to use KDP Select or use it on a temporary basis (you can get most of the promotional value in the first 90 days of registration), why not consider releasing your eBooks on other sites? NookPress. com is the publishers site for Barnes and Noble's Nook.

They may person detected gossip that they idea to termination it, but Barnes and Noble stronghold fitness the Nook for now. Anyway, too many readers still buy too many copies of the book to be able to close the company's publisher side. Exactly $27 from last months Nook sells of the few remaining notebooks I have on their deck.

It' s not much, but I haven't even been into my bank accounts for many month, and it was minimum additional work to download my e-books on the Nook platforms once I had them set up for Kindle. As with KDP, publication on Nook is free. Smshwords is another type of e-book plattform.

If you format your e-book correctly, you can more or less automatically convert it into many different file types and make it available as a PDF or Apple iBook, for example. So if you are already on Kindle or Nook, make sure you choose not to resell them in these sizes in your Smashwords preferences, because they take their share in any sales in excess of the amount that Amazon or Barnes and Noble withhold.

Apart from being free like the other sites, it's a good idea to get a free ISBN number for your book. Kindle or Nook, if you want an ISBN, you have to buy it - although most authors just do without it. Basing this consideration on the fact that some of my e-books do better on Nook and others on Kindle, even if I don't benefit them at all, so each particular e-book needs to get better or poorer ranking in the search results for each deck for reasons inaccessible.

That is, once you've taken the effort to write your book and get it ready for release, you might as well be rolling the die and making it available on other workstations. Their Revolution: Have you ever posted on Kindle or any of the other e-book decks?

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