Write a Book Online and get Paid

You can write a book online and get paid.

I have tried two possibilities myself with good results. Now it' YOUR TURN to get paid to write online. I have some great ideas for you to read your books and make money with. A list of pages that are paid to write book reviews. I dream of writing a book.

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Want to make online cash? People who had no writing skills but chose to compile and submit a mailing it. No need to be an experienced English teacher - all you need is an English level equivalent to a mother tongue teacher, a good grasp of humour and a passion for extraordinary or interesting things.

Write your mailing lists (at least 10 articles per list), submit them, we answer and say "Great - we'll post them" and mail $100 to you via PayPal (don't have an email address? just make it simple and free); or we answer and say "Sorry - it's not the kind of thing our reader will like - give it another shot".

Please note that your mailing itinerary should contain at least one or two paras. Please note that we cannot approve of any author who does not have a PayPal bankroll. When PayPal does not endorse your location, please do not ask for alternate means of pay. So long as your mailing is one or two paragraph per article (and we mean yours - don't take other people's things), you can pick any of them.

Imagine - if it's good enough to release (by our standards), you get $100 - just like that. In order to help you with some of our suggestions, the most loved (and most likely paid for) by our reader are the listings that have failed and novel listings that look at something ordinary in an unsuspected way (such as the collegiate makes you stupid), unresolved secrets, secret knowing (things most folks don't know), misunderstandings and just really amazing general knowing about everything - sciences, for example.

We don't want to see listings of sport, self-help, individual histories or games. No, we do not release opinions or opinions. Oh and there's one more thing: If you have a blogs, a Twitter or a book you want to advertise, just include it on the submission page and we'll put it at the bottom of your mailing lists.

If you submit your mailing lists, you don't need to insert pictures or video. But if you're frantic about adding some of your own supportive pictures or video, just add a hyperlink to the YouTube page or a web address of the image you like with each entry in your book.

We' re not promising to use them, but we will definitely consider them. We are publishing originals, please notice.

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