Write a Book on your Phone

Writing a book on your phone

Then I continued writing in the notes area of my cell phone. But not these three authors. The days when you could ask an assistant to write for you are over, or you could simply communicate by phone. Good writing is a necessary ability to survive. Switch off your phone;

switch off the Internet and notifications; write!

Getting (maybe) million people to write a novel on their mobile phones.

Fast and simple instructions for posting your book to your phone or tray, from getting the right download to posting to Amazon's Kindle Store. It' s no big deal that E.L. James shattered large pieces of Fifty Shades of Grey on her modest Blackberrys cell phone on the day-to-day drive (which probably created a few uplifted brows for curious parkers).

After all, James only started to write a few years ago when the Fifty Shades hit the chart. So why shouldn't the remainder of us make a pile by shredding accounts along the way?

Here you can find out how you can begin your journey to autordom with your mobile phone or tray. Everything you need to produce your bestseller is a text processor. When you want to go to old-school you can check out Tom Hanks' superb Hanx Writer, which imitates a typing machine with satisfactory rattling noises (although fortunately you can erase signs when you make a mistake).

You can also use Microsoft Word on your iPhone and Windows, while Android has Microsoft Office Mobile. Add at least two or three things from the following lists and you are sure to have a WIN. If for example, if your protagonist is a bondage-loving tart wolf who also happens to be a disturbed, alcohol based investigator, then you are going at it.

One great way to structure your storyline is an application like A Novel Idea (Free, iOS), with which you can follow all your character and the various subplots. If you' re still fighting for an action, you can get applications like the Storyline Generator (Free, Android) to do the work.

Write! Whenever you have five minute, lash out your phone - but instead of play CANDAY CHRUSH, open your text editor and touch one or two paragraphs. When your write speeds aren't as fast as you want, download another keypad for your phone. It' hard to get used to swing, but it's one of the best if you don't get your hands off the game.

And the simplest way to get your publication is to register for Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, which is totally free and amazingly easy to use. Simply log in to kdp.amazon.com with your Amazon ID and you'll get your own eshboard to post a book, determine the prices in each country and track how well it sells.

You should see your book in Amazon's Kindle Store just a few hour after you click the Publish link, so your new friends can buy it. Have a look at Amazon's KDP'How to Publish' tutorial for more information about the entire publishing procedure, and good luck to you. Unfortunately, very few of us ever achieve E.L. James fame, and a Digital Book World survey this year found that almost a third of the writers released make less than 350 pounds per year out of their work.

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