Write a Book in a Day

Writing a book in one day

You can write a book in one day. I found one of the things I found early on was that I seem to be writing pretty fast. TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE FICTION BY WRITING EVERY DAY. You want to write but don't have any free time? Don't you know where to start?


Up to ten people in a team have only twelve working days to create and illuminate a whole series. Finished ledgers are given to kids in clinics all over Australia. The money collected through sponsorships goes to The Kids' Cannibal Project, a local charitable organization dedicated to supporting research for childhood cancers.

Please refer to the contest manual for more information or register now. The centre's Chris Oakeley and some of his team run the contest and 18 volunteer staff collect funds for the clinic. In 2009 - 79 competing groups are located in only two states in Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales. 20154 - The contest will attract 452 groups, 150 of them from school.

2015- Chris and his staff are looking for a local charitable organization to run the contest. We appoint the Children's Cancer Project. The number of participants grows to 529 groups with over 4,500 young and grown-up authors. 2011-2016 - With the attendance of 630 groups, 187 of which are colleges, more than $157,000 will be collected for life-saving pediatric cancers.

Kid's Carcinator Project is an autonomous nationwide charitable organization that supports children's oncology. The charitable organisation has provided several ten million US dollar for research science since 1993 to help many cancers. Founder, Col Reynolds OAM, has a rock-hard emphasis on changing the life of a child with cancers.

Contaminated by the minds of everyone he encountered that particular date, Col set out to help babies with cancers in every way he could. He learnt very early in his search that the only way to enhance the results for these infants is through progress in medicinal research.

Writing a textbook in one go

The La Salle undergraduates took up the temptation to compose a novel during the workday. Pupils across the country have taken up the challenges of writing a novel in one go and raising money for research into early cancers. Winning states will be revealed in November and will be available at children's clinics and library locations throughout Australia.

The Salle College instructor Danielle Calleja said the college this year had three groups eagerly working on the 12-hour period. First group, Lexical Paradox, wrote a romantic novel named The Courses of the Lighthouse. Second group, Page Turners, made an enthralling tale named Cursed with a builder, a mystical alien and a sea virgin.

Oxymoron's last crew, The Fortitude of Johnny No Beard, made a story about wreckage and detection. Mrs Calleja complimented all the authors and the Englishman Zola Watson who participated to help with the closing date. Commenting on the vote, Write-a-Book-in-a-Day NA Co-ordinator Pip Aitken said the WA listings would be voted into the top 10 on September 4.

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