Write a Book for me

I need you to write me a book.

""I wanted my existence to be legible. Keywords: marching band and fireworks. To open the page - just me, without the music - took a lot of courage. I need you to write a book about me, lyrics: You' re not in this writing business because it's easy.

You' re giving self-doubt too much force.

There is the vote of scepticism. I suppose you know that part well. However, that vote doesn't go anywhere, and when it comes to typing, it probably gets noisier the more serious you begin to talk about your work. I' m betting that many of these sentences are painfully familiar: I'm not really a novelist.

I' ve never had anything interesting happen to me, so I can't do it. I' ve got to have a big personality to want to make a script. Or, even worst, I could be writing a textbook, and many folks could be reading it.... and then what? is that those votes never go away.

You' ve finished your work and you' re sure you'll never have another good notion. You' re ready to release your novel and you' re sure it won't be sold. and you' re sure it was a coincidence. That'?s what the doubts sound like in my head: "I have a small concept, my concept is silly, nobody takes any notice of my concept, I'm not even sure if I'm interested in my concept, and even if I did, I probably couldn't go through with it, because my best work is behind me and my assistant just stays with me to be cute.

Whatever you have written on this sheet of hardcover, here's a message about doubt: It's not persona. Doubts are not one-of-a-kind for you. Experienced authors know that. Indeed, my girlfriend Beth Kephart, whose lovely memoirs, A Slant of Sun, have been short-listed for a National Book Award, thinks that self-doubt is growing rapidly with it.

Caroline Leavitt, another author, is currently experiencing great popularity - New York Times' bestselling book lists, which Costco has on its desks. I blogged for Women's Fiction Writers about how envious I was of Caroline - envy is just another one.

She is so good and I am NOT so good..... I should stop typing and get a position at Trader Joe's). But the point is that winning authors don't stop typing just because they have the feeling of smothering self-doubt. That' the great mystery of professionals. Professionals don't try to get away from doubts. Do you suffer from shallow, blurred or blurred letter?

With a little help from Jennie Nash you can write your texts from boring to razor-sharp. Recognise your doubts and continue. The notion of making doubts known is hardly unparalleled in the world of literature. The professionals not only recognise that there are doubts and that they are feeling them, they also know that the existence of doubts is indeed a good indication.

The War of Art is one of my favourite textbooks: Pressfield speaks a great deal about this good word about doubts in The War of Art. Okay, so we've seen that doubts are universe and won't go away. How do you spell it despite doubts?

And in his practicaling book: Musician' s Return to Musik, Glenn Kurtz speaks about how he uses past master musicians as a source of inspirations to overcome his doubts. Do you suffer from shallow, blurred or blurred letter? With a little help from Jennie Nash you can write your texts from boring to razor-sharp. As I must have asked them sometimes how they can capture the immeasurable promises of a few easy sounds, how they can capture their devotion against a piercing doubts that would slay them.

For a moment, think of all the ledgers you have ever known. Tap into these mighty feelings and remind yourself why reading can be a great way to help yourself overcome doubts. Remember how sad it would have been if your favourite textbook had never been published because the writer had doubts?

Somebody out there might say the same thing about you and the script you have to work on. These are some samples of well-known authors who have written about how certain works have affected them: To move through the doubts, the second stage is to concentrate on one's own work.

Any problem related to typing can usually be resolved by sticking your ass in the stool and noting. Lettering is the answer. Don't you believe what I'm saying about doubts? Maybe you don't have to do everything you thought you had to do, and more for you!

When you can't stand away, it's timeto accept your doubts and go to work. For four more reason you will never be able to post a textbook (and what you can do about it before it is too late), subscribe to my newsletters HERE. Do you suffer from shallow, blurred or blurred letter? With a little help from Jennie Nash you can type your texts from boring to razor-sharp.

Nash is the creator of Author Accelerator, a strategy consulting services that provides authors with lasting editing assistance to finalize their project and make a strong difference to their audiences.

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