Write a Book for me

I need you to write me a book.

It' taken me years to learn, but here's what nobody told me: In the end, I saw that my book was not about me, but about a larger global issue. Just add it and continue. This is Book Five in the hire someone to write a book for me bestselling Vampire for Hire series ! One day when I was writing my book, my sister called me to see how it went.

Is it okay if I publish a story about myself?

"Can I make a notebook about myself? It is, and I am not embarrassed to say it, the most profound type of therapies, treatments or self-treatments that do not exist on the world. Stories begin with the realization of one's own grave concerns, coupled with the incapacity to handle them. I don't think you can handle it.

So, you give it to someone else to work with. She pulls a girl out of the yard - a crazy, frightened, crawling thing - and throws her on the rug as if she were saying: "Take care of it". You' ve got to get to grips with it, but with the flair that's shared by all performers, you do it at arm's length by keeping your noses and turning your gaze away.

You' re giving it to someone else you're dealing with, someone who isn't like you at all. When you give it to someone like yourself to occupy yourself in your history, it won't work. The novel will take the author and the readers on a trip from blind to visions, from disorder to clearness, to a place where the issue arises.

We' re working on the issue and treating it with what Professors Fonagy and Bateman have called'mentalization'. Mentalization is a kind of imaginary intellectual action about others or oneself, namely the perception and interpretation of people' s behavior in relation to deliberate states of mind (e.g. needs, wishes, emotions, beliefs, aims, ends and reasons).

Sometimes I wonder whether authors are inadequate "mentalizers" and have to work more hard at it, in a more arduous way than others. You shouldn't have your author's ambitions. Dissociate this aspiration from the aspiration to take precedence over the other through appreciation, rank and funding, and everything will be all right.

It' written by Epictetus, shortened by me and adopted for the author to use. Old internal advices could help performers and authors to cope with themselves, through good and not so good years. Sharing this with author buddies.

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