Write a Book Competition

Writing a book contest

Regularly updated list of book and novel competitions for published and unpublished authors. Prize money and terms and conditions. There are many ways to describe creativity. A description is "the act of putting new and imaginative ideas into practice". Write-a-Book has been a rewarding and enjoyable partnership between the educational centre, schools and children for many years.


The first moderators of the show were Sean O'Leary and Alice Quinn. In 2012, the twenty-seventh year, 6,852 volumes were created by 8,016 students from South Dublin and Wicklow schoolhouses. 1,120 of these were made as Gaeilge by 1,484 orphans. It recommends that kids "write for actual purpose and a genuine audience", emphasising that "writing, editorial and proofreading is at the centre of the creative process" and promoting "publishing" and literacy skills.

As the syllabus says, "Success and performance will be inspiring and motivating them to continue writing". cHow important is bookbinding? the syllabus promotes research into a multitude of artistic material. Kids can use drawings, painting, printing, sound, fabric, building, photographing, ICT and other mediums in their work.

The design and production of textbooks is in itself a building work. Within the framework of the work of the program, kids can also view and engage with the work of graphic artists and graphic artists as well as their own and other children's work.


From the first days of schooling, our children's instructors are also to be grateful and commended for the competent instruction and the marvelous inspirations and encouragements they have given our kids at every age. Her commitment to shaping the authors and novels of the twenty-first century is proof of her aptitude.

Also to the young people who have been spending the past few days and even days designing, rewriting, designing and redesigning to please us with their work. Happy birthday and good work! Her talents will be acclaimed in this Write a book Merits 2018 collection and we look forward to enjoying many more of your tales and fiction in the futuropath.

Last but not least to our Write a book teams, our Blackrock Education Centre employees, educators, parents, legal tutors and above all our young writers - thank you! They' have helped to create something very unique, reminiscences that will last us all, and a book that the kids who have written it can tell their own people.

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