Write a Book and Publish it

Writing and publishing a book

There is therefore an argument for self-publication of a novel in printed form. We' ll create, edit and release your books. By taking on the most challenging task of authoring a textbook, we' ll write it for you, while you concentrate on sharing your stories with our authors. Because our experts have already released a number of books, you can be sure that we are always looking at the overall image of your textbook, which will be a complete hit.

We' ll send you your messages while you lean back and control the result. Our expert staff can train you to uncover your books. Join one of our useful meetings to get to know everything about authors. Pack your books to make a good impact.

Have your textbooks published in excellent print and at the lowest cost. Present your products on all important market places. Extend the exposure of your bay titles so that they can be found by your target group. For your work to be professionally authored, you must be an experienced author.... Or at least have one.

If you become a TGP customer, you can be sure that your written work will be edited by our group of experienced story tellers and authors. It is a precious asset to write a volume, but it doesn't have to be costly. That is why we make your burden as easy as possible.

A bestselling ghostwriter and former senior ghostwriter for one of the biggest publishers in the state. Featuring over 70 successful novels that have been authored and released, Eli has seen it all when it comes to accompanying the book from conception to finalization. The curatorial work of a group of authors who have a great passion for what they do is one of Eli's greatest attainments.

Teaching the subtleties of ghost writing, he has built a barn of authors so that we can bring our customer together with a novelist who is familiar with the key theme of their work.

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