Write a Book and Publish it

Writing and publishing a book

Skip to Why write a book? - Although writing your own book may seem discouraging, it is possible with the right idea, motivation and effort. You always wanted to write a book? They owe it to themselves to go through the book and make sure it is your best script. It may sound simple to write a book description, but it is not.

J.K. Rowling on the publication of a novel

There is one individual we should all consult in written form, it is J.K. Rowling. She not only managed to create a novel that produced a serial and a number of very popular films, she also changed from an unprecedented novelist to the world's first female biliiarda.

So, here's some J.K. Rowling advise on how to make a novel public: J.K. Rowling is certainly a lover of the magical world, but she is also a lover of the patient. It took her a whole year to find someone interested in releasing the first Harry Potter volume, even after she found an operative.

That' s after J.K. Rowling developed the Harry Potter business for five years - and then rewrote and rewrote the first one until she was satisfied! So, it took essentially seven years, from the initial concept to the publication of the volume, and that was with an agen.

It is therefore advisable to keep in mind that the release is not always a fast and fast game. It' s not hard to believe that everything an author has once released is immediately on the best-seller lists. When an author has been released once, it does not mean that his work is over - rather that he has rewritten and rewritten and adapted and re-published and reworked this one work until it is eventually available for release - this one work is willing to be released.

Others will need just as much work to be available for release, and some songs should never see the lights of day (both for the author and the reader!) It's good to keep in mind that winning writers are just one jump ahead of you on the publisher's board.

However, once an author has succeeded, there is tremendous stress to achieve that achievement (or even better) - and there are many more folks awaiting to see what you are producing next. If you had an agen, a publishers and a journalist who called you every quarter to see what happened to your letter, wouldn't it upset you?

It is a true challange for accomplished authors to put the audience aside when they type and just for themselves, and the passion for the written word. That may be J.K. Rowling's best counsel to us all. After all, the aim is not to publish, but to enjoy the pleasure of reading - to have fun!

When you can recall it, every letter will be a delight, no matter what the aim of the release is. You have to write a textbook before you can become a publisher such as J.K. Rowling. Locate your key ideas, develop a plan for your novel and get positive feedbacks to refine your design until it can be published.

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