Write a Book and Publish it

Writing and publishing a book

Write and post your own books Did you write your work? Would you like to be public? Publishing is very simple nowadays. There are three basic ways to be made public. You can also find a draughtsman and a printing company and organise the entire process yourself.

Customers often ask us how they can be printed by a'real' publishing house.

This is what we call these old-fashioned publisher. Then there are the co-operative publisher. In all, there are literally a thousand possibilities; you need to find the right publication for you. Each year, these businesses release a small number of accounts and take charge of all costs and risks.

When you want to be posted by a conventional editor, you need to track his progress, which usually consists of locating an agents, submitting a suggestion to enter into a business debate before you come to a bookstore. Sometimes conventional publishing houses make an advanced prepayment to the writer, which is merely an advanced prepayment on the basis of expected emoluments in the near term.

As a rule, the writer assigns all copyrights to the publication for the term of the agreement. Here the writer organises the whole publication process, finds an editorial staff member, a design studio, a printing house and someone to market, support and sale the work. An ISBN number must also be provided to you, and you must be registered with the British Library, Library of Congress and/or other library, wholesaler and other distribution avenues.

Authors retain all copyrights and controls over the whole process, which includes definitive authoring and artwork, selling and selling strategy, and anything else related to the work. About fifteen years old, the co-operative publisher sector emerged around the same period as the web became common. Publishers who work in this way take a charge from the writer, organise the layout, printing, registering and distributing the books and sometimes also promoting them.

This tends to mean that printing is only possible when required (Print on Demand), which keeps the cost lower than a large number. When you have authored a volume on your own or your own professional growth, we would like to consider it at Panoma Press, the publisher I co-founded in 2005. Our services are very individual and we manufacture very high class products especially for shopkeepers and businesses.

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