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You can choose from several approved versions of the logo. Many thanks for your interest in the World Resources Institute (WRI). Do not use the WRI logo in your visualization. The World Resources Institute (WRI). The Amnesty, World Vision, Make Poverty History: important and powerful organizations with equally powerful logos.

The World Resources Institute | Realizing great projects

Quito, Semarang City, Vienna and São Paulo are just some of the towns that have used information to redesign their transport policies to alleviate sexually assaulted people, enhance traffic security and enhance accessibility for the handicapped. The breakdown of Indian GHG emissions by sectors highlights advances and hotspots for the world's third-largest issuer.

Challenges for us

More than 700 of our employees and specialists implement great concepts in the field of environmental, economical and wellbeing. The use of fossil fuels is the basis for business opportunities and social well-being. However, today we are exhausting the earth's ressources with unsustainable instalments and jeopardising the economy and the life of the population.

This is an important challenge that we must tackle in this ten-year period. Imagine a fair and wealthy planetary system powered by a prudent approach to the resource use. Our goal is to build a community where the activities of governments, businesses and local authorities come together to eradicate extreme poverty and preserve the countryside for all.

By working with city, corporate and country executives to make changes, we test our concepts in chaotic, realistic and highly sophisticated workspaces. To quickly and comprehensively disseminate tried and tested approaches, we help you recognize and break down obstacles to innovation.

Finding HR Technology Providers - Shortlister

Shortlister is the No. 1 market place for the search and selection of providers in the areas of health, HR technologies and utilit. Thousands of providers have created short listings so you can find out more about each provider in just a few moments. As there are no costs for the providers to be quoted, there is no obstacle to use on board.

With our unique custom match algorithms, we take into account your key searching metrics such as your budgets, programme objectives and population to give you the best provider choices for your needs. Sellers have no way to buy rank in the ranking algorithms. They can be customized to incorporate suppliers you have worked with in the past or suggested by a mate.

Supplier Profile allows you to research, access market materials, white papers, evaluations and evaluations for the supplier. When you are satisfied with the grouping, you can create a synopsis that you can review with your group and, once you have found a common ground, you can ask the sales group for suggestions. So if you think you need competent assistance in organizing your searching and choosing the finalist or just a highly experienced supplier monitoring tool, Shortlister professionals have the expertise to help you.

When your inquiry is submitted, we deliver a complete quote manager Dashboard to monitor your proposal status, respond to supplier queries, and fully automatize many of the previously performed tasks of manually matching bids. And the best part: We have over 2,000 RFP queries already posted, responded to (and kept up to date in near-realtime) and available at the touch of a single mouse click.

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