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homepage View our online catalogue to see the various treatments, folders and learning material available. The Coping Cat CD is a 12-part computer-based behavioural therapy for fearful teenagers. The Camp Cope-A-Lot contains state-of-the-art animations, video animations, interactivity, interactive medias and integrated home tasks and rewardsystems.

The user completes entertaining and compelling interactivity that teaches the ability to deal with fear. Young people can profit a lot from having attractive and attractive portfolios, softwares and audio-visual tools to help manage their work. The manuals are specially conceived for young people รข attractive, pleasing and appropriate to their development. These folders manage the realization of behavioural cognition therapy.

Included in our workbook title are The Coping Cat Workbook for use by fearful young people and The C.A.T. Project for use by fearful young people.

Child-anxiety stories - Workbook Publishing

We have focused on publishing handbooks and material on the management of children's diseases, which include tension and fear, depressiveness, anger/aggression, behavioural issues and impulsiveness. All of our treatments are specifically formulated to work with young people in an attractive, stimulating and development-oriented way. This material guides the application of behavioural learning strategies, the aim of which is to give young people the opportunity to acquire abilities that correspond to their particular needs.

Whilst grown-ups receiving psychosocial care need less kind and direct material, young people can take advantage of attractive and attractive work books, audio-visual tools and tools to control their study outcomes. Our publication writers follow the scientific-practical models, and the programmes we provide are either empirical or evidence-based.

In addition, in several cases the entire programmes of care have been put in place and analysed, the results suggesting that the care is workable. Included in our title is the Coping Cat Workbook, which is a book on behavioural psychotherapy for fearful children: Therapists Handbook and Camp Cope-A-Lot, the first computer-based behavioural psychotherapy for fearful young people, which includes modern animations, video, interaction and integrated home work and rewardsing.

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