Work Book Club

Workbook Club

"Typically, people who do sports begin to eat better and work more productively. It'?s simple: choose a book, pour wine and talk about it, right?

The Work Book Club Success Stories

Interested in how to put a book club together at work? Workspace Book Club have long been recognized as an efficacious and streamlined way to develop your workforce in the workspace. Book club offers advantages for the worker - and for the employers. The staff gets to know new approaches and approaches that they can use in the workstation.

Team work and fellowship among the participating staff members is created by a work-book club. The program offers staff the possibility of taking on and practicing management functions such as chairing a group debate. By learning the same concept by sharing the same book, staff members are sharing a common vocabulary and idea that makes the use of the idea in the work place simpler and more intuitive.

A previous paper suggested an overall implementation methodology for workbook associations. A number of companies have been sharing their results with my readership in this paper. Pinnacle Financial Partners Marketing Manager Sara Janes and Scott Kriscovich, President of TrueBridge Resources (now North Highland Workplace Consulting), a nationwide recruitment agency, exchanged their experience with book club in their workstations.

So what was the impulse for the book club in your organisation and how did you do it? Our aim was to ensure that employees were motivated to continue to read and improve their abilities. Initially, the company had about 40 employees, so everyone met at the home of President and CEO Terry Turner to review the book he had chosen and to reinforce their relationship over supper.

An insatiable readership, Terry would be reading several in quest of the book that best suits Pinnacle. Bookshops are held two to three a year and are volunteers, but most employees do so. So what was and was not a success at your book club? It is so well received that some employees have founded their own bookclub.

When Pinnacle was growing up, it became more complicated to get everyone in one room to talk about the book. They all still read the same book, but now they can log into our on-line education system, select the date and place they work and order the book. With 750 staff, there are too many book club meeting for Terry to chair in person, so he's having a debate for about 20 book club directors to oversee.

How does Pinnacle book club sponsorship affect the workspace? The book club helps employees to keep track of what they are reading and applies it to their work. When the book club is over, the staff at the meeting will go back to book story telling and discuss whether we can tackle a challenge in the same way.

Book club is also an opportunity for employees to have a good time - they get to know and strengthen relations with others in other areas of the company. We' ve found that by joining book club, employees are more motivating and engaged. A few textbooks we were reading at the book club that I would recommend:

This is the latest book we've been reading, Linchpin: Seth Godin has actively supported the staff in all areas of our law office. So what was the impulse for the book club in your organisation and how did you do it? SK: We chose to start a multifactor book club at TrueBridge Resources:

We' ve been reading several volumes in which I have tried to integrate these thoughts and notions into our mindset as a corporation and how we run the businesses; it allows us to have a shared voice and a shared contexts. What is your book club like? ott Kriscovich: The staff will receive a copy of the book.

Presumably they will be reading the book and ready to debate it at the book reviews on a regular basis. Throughout our discussions on a quarter to quarter basis, we will be discussing issues in the book that can help us work better as a group. For the book reviews, the staff are subdivided into random groups of a maximum of 15 people.

Discussions are led by a voluntary worker who leads the discussions and asks any necessary of them. As each group comprises a large number of in-house staff from different geographical regions, a telephone call will be used. So what was and was not a success at your book club?

All of us say we want to see more, so a light texture around it gives us a plate. Allowing us to develop a rapport with Joe Callaway, one of the writers whose works we have been reading. We' ve just been reading The Southwest Airlines Way when we introduced our one TrueBridge Resources Way to our corporate philosophy.

It was possible to compare what we were reading in the book with our own conditions, especially as both are regarded as commodity sectors. It' s hard to have a book club with 12-14 people on the telephone (our book club takes place in all nine offices). The moderators get together before each book club call to find points of debate and directions, and then gather to put together the most important take-aways for our group.

How does Pinnacle book club sponsorship affect the workspace? Kriscovich: We are encouraging individuals to voluntarily participate in conducting book club debates, and we have seen individuals from different groups and different roles who have this part. And the other effect I have seen is that our employees are proud that we have a book club and refer to it and what they have learnt in the course of internal and professional events.

It is a volunteer programme, because once you tell them to do it, the book club develops into something else. Kriscovich: Because we have a system in which we select our textbooks in a democratic way, we have found that every book we have studied has enabled interesting discussions and influenced our organisation in some way.

Workplace book club is a cost-effective way for staff to grow both on a personal and professional level. Bookshops can help you create your own cultural and employee development.

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