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You can download Publisher in Word and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Quickly and easily create your own newsletter with this free sample newsletter template for Microsoft Word & Publisher.

To import a Word file into a Publisher file

Publisher 2007 and 2013 both contain a converter that can automate the process of converting Word files to Publisher formats. Whilst most Word docs are good at converting, there may be some problems if you have empty pages, page break or pictures in the Word spreadsheet. In order to prevent a headache, take a few moments to get the Word version of the paper ready before it is imported into Publisher.

In Microsoft Word, open the file. Delete any contents you do not want to bring in, such as text, text fields, and pictures. Write down the pictures in the Word file, especially their proportion Credit: Microsoft kindly allowed. Empty pages are almost not removable after they have been uploaded into the publisher. Credit: Screen shot taken with kind permission of Microsoft.

Choose the Files submenu and choose Safe As. Store the Word documents under a new name so that you do not copy the source files Credit: Screen shot with kind permission of Microsoft. Start Publisher and click Open other publications. When Publisher is already open, click the Files tab, Credit: Microsoft Acknowledged.

Browse to the Word spreadsheet and click Open. The Publisher will convert the Word documents and open them in Publisher mode for you. Each page contains a text field that contains the text field of the Word documen. Every text field is interlinked with the text field on the pages above and below Credit: Microsoft kindly granted a window.

Check text fields, pictures and other items for correct positions and sizes. Publishers often skew the pictures. Right-clicking on the picture and selecting Format Picture allows you to trim the picture or set the distance between the picture and the surrounding text. Novel styles were used when importing the Word documents Credit: screen shot with kind permission of Microsoft.

Please be aware that any style you create in the source Word file will also be included in the Publisher. Check the Publisher documents for page break. Contents located below the new position of the boundary are shifted to the beginning of the following page as well.

When you see an overflow indicator with three points, there is extra text that is not yet displayed in the report. Proceed with the addition of pages and link text fields until you no longer see an overflow indicator on the last page. On the File submenu, click Save.

Select a storage place for the Publisher file, type a name in the File name box and click OK.

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